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Title IX issues in Wake County

RE: Title IX issues in Wake County

Thankyou Mickey Bridgers and Keith Durham for the hard work and time you guys spend to make South Johnston Softball and Baseball fields two of the nicest in the state.

RE: Title IX issues in Wake County

A touchy subject for sure. I too am 100% for equal opportunity and access. I know Wake County tries and strives for equality. I know when the baseball team at one school wanted to build dugouts (why were they not built when the fields were constructed is beyond me) through donations and volunteers they were not allowed unless they also built softball field dugouts. Softball did not raise the money or get a donation to have it done yet the school/wake county said no, not until you can build softball dugouts too. It worked both fields got them. Title 9 worked.

Now to address the difference in the condition of the playing fields. If it is due to the baseball coaches hard work the baseball fields are in better shape we still have a problem. It is the school/county's responsibility to hire an equally enthusiastic softball coach willing to do the work needed to have equal condition fields. They were able to find a baseball coach willing to bust his hump to maintain great fields they should also find that same type softball coach. Its their job. Period. Unless you are TRYING to convince the world only baseball coaches are they type to go the extra mile for their team. Let the softball coach know they are expected to maintain the fields to a high level, the coach is required to have the their teams work on the field for a half hour before every game manicuring the field, a half our after every practice and every game working the field to perfection. It is a rich tradition in baseball the PLAYERS take care field and they take a great deal of pride in doing so. Same should be expected of softball. Softball should have equal access to all the supplies need to carry out their tasks. Its up to the school to require the softball coaches to carry it out. If the baseball fields have high standards in field appearance the school should require the same from the softball team/coach. If the coach falls short of the mark find a coach that will. Its the job of sc

RE: Title IX issues in Wake County

Tarheelfan41 brings up some very solid points. I do know of some softball coaches in the area that do a great job on maintaining their softball fields from what they have to work with. I do have to disagree with one statement you made.
"Softball should have equal access to all the supplies need to carry out their tasks." The key word being "should". The bottom line is that they don't even come close to having the assets to compare with baseball. Look at every high school in the county and you visualy see the difference. Even something as simple as the pile of red clay or dirt piled up by the baseball field. I could go on but that would be trivial.
I do love the passion you have tarheelfan41. It is folks like you that bring subjects like this to the forefront.

RE: Title IX issues in Wake County

It takes money to make improvements, stop the crying and support your boosters club, make a donation to your boosters club or even better to the sport that you support. Not sure about your school but I know that the H.S. we support has a account for each sport and if you cant make a monetary donation volunteer your time. thanks

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