Nick Stevens

Nick Stevens

Senior Editor,

Nick Stevens is the Senior Editor of He has been covering high school sports at WRAL since 2006 when the online presence was nothing more than a single blog. In 2008, Nick helped create what became, which launched in August of that year.

Hometown: Raleigh, N.C.

Twitter: @NickStevensHSOT​
Instagram: @NickStevensHSOT
Snapchat: @NickStevensHSOT
Facebook: @TheNickStevens

High School: Green Hope High School

College: N.C. State University, Liberty University

Degree: Criminal Justice

Favorite Subject in High School: Anything that had to do with history or social studies

Favorite Sport: Basketball is my favorite sport, bar none. To me, there is nothing more exciting than a packed gym and a close game.

Favorite Sports Movie: I don't have an absolute favorite, but I have several favorites. "Hoosiers" is a classic, and if you're a basketball fan you have to like that movie. "Miracle" is also a great movie. Other sports movies I like: "Friday Night Lights," "Any Given Sunday," "Rudy," "Remember the Titans," "The Blind Side," and there's no way I could leave off "Space Jam."

Favorite TV Show: "Homeland" or "Blacklist" would have to be my favorite shows. I also like anything that makes me laugh.

Why do you enjoy covering high school sports? To me, high school sports are all about the people. You meet some incredible people in high school sports – kids, coaches, volunteers, and administrators. High school sports are still very pure, and that's refreshing.

What is your most memorable moment covering high school sports? There are so many different moments that stick out. Probably the best game I can remember is a third round football playoff game between New Bern & Millbrook. The two teams scored several touchdowns in the final few minutes before Millbrook took a lead with less than a minute left. New Bern drove the length of the field and scored to win as time expired. I could write a book about all the different experiences I have had and things I have covered though.