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2012 Holiday Invitational Live Blog

Dudley finishes off Leesville 60-48

Published: 2012-12-26 14:01:00
Updated: 2012-12-26 16:38:32

Dec 26, 2012

Dudley v. Leesville Road HighSchoolOT Holiday Invitiational

Leesville Road's #24 Reggie Jones looks to pass the ball at the Holiday Invitational Tournament December 26, 2012. (Photo by Jack Tarr)

FINAL Dudley 60 Leesville 48: The Greensboro Dudley Panthers storm back from a 3rd quarter deficit to take down the Leesville Road Pride 60-48. Dudley trailed 38-36 going into the final frame, but after Leesville tied it up at 42-all early in the 4th, Dudley went on a 10-2 run to take control. Jacksonville recruit Sam Hunt had 5 points during that stretch that would ultimately end up being too much for Leesville to overcome. 

Dudley did a good job of slowing down Brandon Staves. Staves had 12 points at the break but wasn't able to register a single basket after the break. Two Leesville Road players finished in double figures: Staves with 12 and Reggie Jones had 11. Dudley was led in scoring by Sam Hunt and Devan Gregory who both had 16 points. Kalil Vance chipped in 14 points for the Panthers.

Dudley advances to the winner's bracket of the Four-Team Bracket plays Garner on Thursday. Leesville Road will face Goldsboro for third place.

END 3Q Leesville 38 Dudley 36: We head to the final frame of this contest with a back and forth battle. Leesville quickly erased a 4 point halftime deficit, by regaining the lead 28-27, their first lead since it was 21-18 late in the second quarter. There were 5 lead changes in the 3rd quarter alone. Kris Sherrod closed the 3rd quarter with a buzzer-beater layup to give the Pride the lead.

HALFTIME Dudley 27 Leesville 23: The Dudley Panthers lead the Leesville Pride 27-23 at halftime. Neither team has held larger than a 5 point lead throughout the half. At 18-18, Jacksonville recruit Sam Hunt nailed three straight 3-pointers as part of a 9-2 Dudley run to close out the half.

Kalil Vance led Dudley with 12 points, while Hunt chipped in 9. Leesville was paced by 12 points from Brandon Staves.

END 1Q, Dudley 12 Leesville 10: The Pride and Panthers are in an old-fashioned slugfest after 1 quarter. Neither team is looking to get out and run in this defensive showdown. Neither team had more than a 5 point lead. 

PREGAME: In game 2 of the Boys 4 Team bracket, the Leesville Road Pride will face off against the Greensboro Dudley Eagles. The winner will go on to face the Garner Trojans in the winner's bracket after the Trojans handled Goldsboro easily, 71-42.

Leesville Road, the 1995 Holiday Invitational champion, returns to the Holiday Invitational for the first time since 2000. The Pride are led by new coach Russ Frazier, who once led Pittsboro Northwood to 3 NCHSAA 2A Eastern Regionals in a 6 year stretch. 

This will mark Greensboro Dudley's first time at the HSOT Holiday Invitational. This Dudley team offers a lot of fresh faces, including a new head coach for the first time in 20 years. Former Dudley player, Brian Seagraves replaces legendary coach David Price. The Panthers are led by Jacksonville University recruit, Sam Hunt.


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