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2012 Holiday Invitational Live Blog

Apex stays alive with 56-34 victory over Clinton

Published: 2012-12-28 10:56:00
Updated: 2012-12-28 14:22:01

Dec 28, 2012 Holiday Invitational logo Holiday Invitational

FINAL Apex 56 Clinton 34: The Apex Cougars were able to fight back from an ugly 7 point first quarter to stay alive in the Shavlik Randolph Bracket of the Holiday Invitational with a convincing 56-34 win over the Clinton Dark Horses. TJ Evans continued his stellar tournament with 16 points for the Cougars. Clinton was just never able to get in a rhythm on the offensive end as they scored a measly 14 points in the entire 2nd half. The Dark Horses were led in scoring by Shian Bradshaw's 9 points

END 3Q Apex 39 Clinton 28: Apex has opened this one up after a strong 3rd quarter performance. The Cougars have been able to get after it on both ends of the court, holding the Dark Horses to just 8 points in that quarter. On the offensive end, the Cougars have been able to rely on guard TJ Evans and Ian Boyd to stretch their lead out.

HALFTIME Apex 22 Clinton 20: Behind a strong second quarter from TJ Evans, the Apex Cougars have been able to claw back into this game and take a lead heading to the break. Evans poured in 6 points, as part of a 12-4 run late in the 2nd quarter, that saw Apex go from being down 6 to up 2. Bradshaw and Spruill continue to lead the way for the Dark Horses, combining for 13 of 20 points.

END 1Q Clinton 11 Apex 7: Clinton has raced out to a good start early against Apex as they have a lead. The duo of Shian Bradshaw and Thaxter Spruill have led the Dark Horses, combining for 9 points. Apex has had trouble finding any any openings on the offensive thus far, making only 3 field goals in the first. Malik Williams has 4 early points for the Cougars.

Pregame: The Apex High School Cougars and Clinton Dark Horses are set to face off in a "win or go home" game in the consolation bracket of the Shavlik Randolph Group in the Holiday Invitational. The winner of this contest will go on to face the winner of Miller School and Greenfield.

Apex enters the game coming off a tough loss on Wednesday at the hands of Word of God Christian Academy by a score of 58-47. Apex was led in scoring by TJ Evans' game high of 22 points but it was too much to overcome.

Clinton is coming off a dismantling at the hands of Oxford Webb on Wednesday night by a score of 88-67. The Dark Horses had no answers for incoming UNC recruit Isiah Hicks, who finished the game with 24 points, 13 rebounds, 4 blocks and 3 assists. Clinton was able to place three scorers in double figures, with Shian Bradshaw leading the way with 21 points.

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