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Broughton v Millbrook

Broughton v Millbrook

Exciting game tonite, brook prevails by 1. Takeaways:

Mcguiness completely out coached the broughton coach, changing up defenses, running double team at graham, junk defenses, very well done.

Graham was sensational for broughton, keep them in it nearly singlehandedly. He's smart, tough of the bounce ,needs better jumper though.

Brown has ways to go, nice body ,but offensive skills are crude, made most impact on glass

Hemphill played very poorly, doesn't look like a DI player, turnovers trying to do to much, poor outside shooter

Will be interesting to see how these teams improve over course of season

RE: Broughton v Millbrook

This was a very impressive game, I had Broughton beating Millbrook by 10, but boy was I wrong. You right about changing up the defenses and keeping the Broughton coach and team off balance. Hemphill had a bad night and was trying help his team. Everyone has a bad game time to time, but dont mean he is not D1. Can't wait for round 2.

RE: Broughton v Millbrook

I would largely agree with david’s assessment. McInnes had his team well prepared. I’d seen the Millbrook staff scouting BHS at three separate games earlier this season. They used the same strategy last year v Graham (running a double at him) so it is puzzling why BHS wasn’t better prepared for that. Millbrook kept BHS off balance by changing their defenses, sometimes they ran a double at Graham in the backcourt, sometimes when he came over half court, occasional junk defense. Broughton never made any adjustments (may be having someone else bring ball up court after make?). Millbrook also had BHS’ sets well scouted. BHS called a TO with ball at 330 remaining in 4q. Millbrook went from man to box and one out of the TO, Broughton ran a man set for Graham, couldn’t run it and ended up with a turnover on the possession.

More subtle difference in coaching was how much better Millbrook was at valuing the ball and with offensive patience. In the 2q BHS had three consecutive possessions where they took an outside shot after only one pass in the possession, all were missed. Millbrook has obviously been drilled on the difference between an OPEN shot and a GOOD shot. They had numerous possessions where they made BHS defend for 25-35 seconds into the possession and did good job of multiple ball reversals, often resulting in breaking down the defense. On one Millbrook possession in 1st half, they had it for 42 seconds, running their stuff. McInnes didn’t like what he was seeing and called a TO, Millbrook comes out of the timeout (BHS stayed man) ran a set for Brown and scored.

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