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Hillside nearly sweeps PAC 6 awards

Published: 2013-12-01 18:40:22
Updated: 2013-12-01 18:40:22

Dec 1, 2013

After winning the PAC 6 Conference title again this season, Hillside High School dominated the postseason football awards for the conference.

Hillside's Brandon Thompson was named the Offensive Lineman of the Year, Kalen McCain was named the Defensive Back of the Year, and K.J. Covington was named the Defensive Lineman of the Year.

Antonio King, the head coach at Hillside, was named the Coach of the Year.

Hillside finished the season with a 9-3 overall record, including an undefeated 5-0 mark in the PAC 6. Hillside was eliminated from the playoffs by Knightdale in the second round, 16-15.

Riverside running back Joel Evans was named the Offensive Back of the Year. The Pirates finished second in the conference with an 8-4 overall record.

Here is the full list of all-conference selections:


QB: Nas Forte-Ferguson, Hillside
QB: Diante Strothers, Riverside
QB: Zaaqhai Mann, Northern Durham

RB: Donte Thomas-Williams, Hillside
RB: Joel Evans, Riverside
RB: Rahim Winston, Jordan
RB: Taymon Smith, Person
RB: Colby Owens, East Chapel Hill

TE: Malik Evans, Hillside
TE: Jalon Nixon, Northern Durham
TE: Darryl Smith, Riverside

WR: LeRon Cash, Person
WR: Trevion Thompson, Hillside
WR: Miles Kelly, Hillside
WR: Corey Young, Person
WR: Arkavious Parks, East Chapel Hill
WR: Deon Yarborough, Riverside

OL: Brandon Thompson, Hillside
OL: Steven Perry, Riverside
OL: Daquan Brown, Hillside
OL: Garrison Weaver, Riverside
OL: Patrick Volk, Riverside
OL: Aaron Rhames, Jordan
OL: Marcus Paylor, Person
OL: Emanuel McGirt, Hillside
OL: Rashawn Henderson, Hillside
OL: Demond Timberlake, Riverside
OL: Daniel Evers, East Chapel Hill

Honorable Mention
RB: Alphonso Gbojueh, Northern Durham
OL: Romonnie Dotson, Person
OL: Julian Humes, Jordan


DL: Kendrick Bailey, Northern Durham
DL: Teshawn Dawson, Hillside
DL: Markus Crutchfield, Hillside
DL: Raquan Riley, Northern Durham
DL: K.J. Covington, Hillside
DL: Khalon Howard, Hillside
DL: LeRon Cash, Person
DL: Jawwad Evans, Riverside

LB: James Vample, Riverside
LB: Darryl Smith, Riverside
LB: Lasone Midgette, Hillside
LB: Keith Beasley, Hillside
LB: Robert Trayham, Hillside
LB: Atavion Oliver, Northern Durham

DB: Eric Young, Hillside
DB: Alex Woods, Hillside
DB: Marcus Starr, Northern Durham
DB: Cameron Roane, Riverside
DB: Kalen McCain, Hillside
DB: Jalon Bethea, Hillside
DB: Tre Tapp, Person

Honorable Mention
DL: Patrick Volk, Riverside
DL: Vince Harrington, East Chapel Hill
DL: Chris Alston, East Chapel Hill
DL: Chris Smith, Jordan
LB: Matthew Mayer, Person
DB: Juwan Williams, Riverside
DB: Jacob Bierman, Northern Durham
DB: Arkavious Parks, East Chapel Hill
DB: Stephan Jacobs, Riverside

Special Teams

P: Jacob Oakley, Person 
P: Micah Goodwin, Riverside

K: Jacob Oakley, Person
K: Micah Goodwin, Riverside

SP: Trevion Thompson, Hillside
SP: Rahim Winston, Jordan

Honorable Mention
P: Will Rivernbark, East Chapel Hill
K: Ian Burris, Hillside
K: Ellis Lewellyn, East Chapel Hill
SP: Dante Thomas, Hillside
SP: Arkavius Parks, East Chapel Hill




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