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Gnrc preseason favorites

RE: Gnrc preseason favorites

Bulldawg if you go long enough back Enloe can be considered a consistent program. If anything, SER shows that they are anything but consistent as they were great for numerous years and now not they have been pretty so so. If anything their program has shown a consistent drop but their program is pretty much the model of an inconsistency not to mention the revolving door HC position. I understand that you are one or more of the following student/former player/player/parent/fan of SER but it doesn't change the fact that the program after a string of strong seasons, they have been on a steady decline. What makes you think this trend will end?
I fully expect Clayton to be OK. Not great but OK.
I do not see much talent coming up from SER JV and last years varsity team was far from big time. Will SER be mediocre as Clayton? Maybe, but I can easily see them taking another step down as the trend has shown.

RE: Gnrc preseason favorites

I understand that is your perspective.

Only time will tell.

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