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Commitable vs noncommitable college offers

college recruting and offers

....and as you said a commitable offer will be VERY clear... 

Yes, I haven't seen/heard/witnessed what I would consider to be a solid offer from a school that wasn't in my opinion clear. If it wasn't clear after words had been spoken, very shortly after that point questions were asked that confirmed everything which I think is something good to do no matter how sure you might be.

RE: Commitable vs noncommitable college offers

...and can not officially be extended until Aug/Sept of a players Senior year... 

This gets into NCAA regs and I'll be honest, I've been away from the day-to-day of this for some time so I would suggest you check this on-line, it should all be readily available through the NCAA, but as I recall these types of offers really could take place until that summer between JR and SR year and maybe late summer.

RE: Commitable vs noncommitable college offers

...and even more NOTHING is binding until singing LOI on NSD in Feb. of Senior year.

posted by @akabulldog 

As I understood it, yes, nothing was binding until the LOI on NSD was signed by both sides - the student-athlete/family/guardian and the college/university.

A written offer places a bit more on the university in that if you do everything you are supposed to do and essentially meet all of the criteria in the letter then one might expect that in sense the document gives some "concreteness" to the offer, but I would take that only to be something along a "Gentlemen's agreement".

Again, if you have questions, if you need clarification, then ask the questions (to the college coaches - just wanted to be clear that I wasn't referring to myself in that statement)

RE: Commitable vs noncommitable college offers

Thanks to all, please keep all info coming. It is greatly appreciated! !! I think more of this type of info needs to be brought to light especially from the schools athletic coaches.

posted by @footballfanatic24 

A few additional items to note. In my experience.

Many schools would offer multiple individuals at a given position and have them ranked, many times on a white board in their offices. In general, when a student-athlete was officially offered, no matter where they were on the board (at that given time of the offer - this changes as folks commit etc), if they almost immediately accepted the offer then I was never aware of an instance where when signing day came around that they were not able to sign the LOI - in other words I personally was never a part of a situation where that occurred (not saying that may or may not happen, but in my personal experience I never witnessed that).

However, what I did witness is the following. That a student-athlete was offered sometime early in the process where they could commit and they were told either verbally or in the written document that multiple folks were being recruited at their position and that they had a max number of scholarships they could ultimately bring in that year. They made this clear to the student-athlete and said that they could think about the offer, but if others committed there was the possibility that at sometime there may not be an offer still there if slots filled up. I never saw this situation reach that point, the student-athlete either committed at sometime and all was fine or they committed somewhere else at their own choosing, but this would be something to clarify.

RE: Commitable vs noncommitable college offers

It is my belief that the universities know they operate behind a wall of confusion when it comes to recruiting. For Pay recruiting services know this all too well and they too take advantage of young men who have the desire to play four more years. With the use of Hudl, players are able now to put themselves out on the national scene with no expense, and I for one think this is a great opportunity, but between the NCAA and money hungry recruiting services, young players are not prepared for the task of either being recruited or getting recruited. That issue is why this young man felt compelled to make an early commitment. Anything to make it all stop. Parents must educate themselves and HS coaches as well. Recognize when they are overwhelmed and be a shield. You see them every day, remember, as a coach your job does not end when the clock hits zero, it merely starts.

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