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2014 GARNER FOOTBALL ???????

RE: 2014 GARNER FOOTBALL ???????

Looks like the GNRC gonna be a five horse race, Garner East Wake SER Knightdale and Clayton.... It's possible the conference winner will not go undefeated in conference...

RE: 2014 GARNER FOOTBALL ???????

What was Southeast record against Garner before Hines got there?????

RE: 2014 GARNER FOOTBALL ???????

not sure the exact number...but i think Garner was dominant SER won maybe 1-2 games versus the Trojans...

RE: 2014 GARNER FOOTBALL ???????

I thought the title of this thread was 2014 Garner Football. If we are talking history, then maybe it should be a Pre 2014 Garner Football thread.

If you are looking for history to predict the future, then that is fine. I am just not that type of guy. never did answer my question about what I was dreaming about.

RE: 2014 GARNER FOOTBALL ???????


I agree the previous coach drove players away but they did not land in Garner (Garner has been unsuccessful recruiting our players away). You will be pleased to hear that a lot of players are transferring back because of the great things the new staff is doing. We are excited for next season.

RE: 2014 GARNER FOOTBALL ???????

Might just fool alot of people. The ones who are hoping they will be down might get your feels hurt. I know for sure the D will be better then last years team. Up is the only way to go after last year. Hey we all know 2 is getting the ball stopping him is another story. So Southeast good luck in stopping him.

Garner dominates Southeast Raleigh, 49-14
Nov, 2 2013

They got beat by a down Garner Team.

RE: 2014 GARNER FOOTBALL ???????

Garner will be them or not - you will have to deal with them..

RE: 2014 GARNER FOOTBALL ???????


Southeast was a down team too. But, it is useless to argue it now. In the infamous words of AggiePride: 10/31/14 at Trojan Stadium.

I value your perspective.

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