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Mercy rule for Football

RE: Mercy rule for Football

Yes there is, we all can claim bankruptsy is one easy example of the mercy rule in society. Like it or not, it is here to stay.

There are a million other examples we could come up with if we really put our minds to it such as under age criminal records being sealed at 18 or amnesty for draft dodgers in the 1970's. And lets not forget divorce and the adjustable national debt ceiling. There are more mercy rules in life than anyone one of us realizes.

Mercy Rule

Again, does anyone know what the biggest comeback in NC HS history is?

RE: Mercy rule for Football

Since no one knows the largest comeback in NC HS history, there is no real argument on either side of this issue.

RE: Mercy rule for Football

I am still against it. You provided some good examples of the mercy rules that are embedded in society but what you failed to acknowledge was the long-standing negative impacts of those example. You feel consequences of bankruptcy for 7 years after you claim it. Most men have to pay alimony after a divorce, etc. the only way you can compare the mercy rule to those examples is if there was an additional consequence for the application of the mercy rule. For example, if Team A chooses to exercise the mercy rule, then they forfeit the following weeks game. Then, it would be similar to your examples.

FYI, criminal records are never really "sealed." That information can be accessed at anytime by law enforcement.

RE: Mercy rule for Football

My point is the mercy rule does exist in society in many forms. The argument that we don't need a mercy rule because it does not exist in society holds no merit.

I did not comment on the positive or negative social impacts of various mercy rules as there are clearly both.

At any rate, none of this even matters if no one knows the biggest comeback in NC HS history. Some numbers geek has to know. Enlighten us all!

RE: Mercy rule for Football

"Holds no merit" is false. As I stated before, there is nothing in life that will allow you to just stop doing what you are doing without any consequences that will be with you for a long time.

Sure, you can quit a job without notice, but then who do you use for a reference? Sure, you can stop paying your credit card bills but that destroys your credit and puts you in collections. Of course, you can file bankruptcy, but that impacts your credit and immediate future.

From my perspective, there is no instances in society where you can just stop doing something without consequence because you aren't prepared or you are overmatched. Values are weakening.

RE: Mercy rule for Football

Not false at all. You, yourself point to the football mercy rule having consequences, otherwise you would not be opposed.

Again, there is no point in arguing anything if you don't know what the biggest comeback in NC HS history is. If we can discover this very germane stat, then we will have something to debate. Until then, we are wasting our efforts.

RE: Mercy rule for Football


Lbeck will have the answer to your question on the greatest high school comeback in NC Football history. The problem is you asked for a numbers GEEK which is an insult to the great and powerful Lbeck!!!

You must summon him like the great football God that he is!!! For example......almighty Lbeck we summon you to help us with a football stat. We realize we are not worthy to be in your presence or have the right to cast our eyes upon you,however, we beg and implore your indulgence to thrill us with your knowledge and answer Parisislanders question even though we are useless and inferior oxygen wasting human beings. We thank you in advance for taking time away from solving all the worlds problems to consider this rather useless and meaningless question!!!!

RE: Mercy rule for Football

Running clocks seem the norm in the world of HS. Quitting just seems to leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

RE: Mercy rule for Football


That is going to take sometime to find. But I will work on it.

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