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Wake Forest vs Mallard Creek

RE: Wake Forest vs Mallard Creek

KMag: " MC 71 WF 0.....not bitter just honest....MC vs MC 71 to 21"

You really think Middle Creek would beat Mallard Creek that bad? jk

RE: Wake Forest vs Mallard Creek

MC 48 WF 28 I would love to see a 4aa east team win the states but I don't think WF can handle MC offense attack.


My picks SCOTLAND mallard creek havelock Dudley concord James kenan southern Durham

RE: Wake Forest vs Mallard Creek

I'm taking Mallard Creek 54-14

RE: Wake Forest vs Mallard Creek

WF doesn't look that good against MC on time warner 520, kind of a surprise. It looks like Bryce Love is gimpy with an ankle injury too

Go Cougars, but, man, they gonna get creamedddddd if they play like that

RE: Wake Forest vs Mallard Creek

If Butler had beat Mallard Creek, they would have beat WF or Middle Creek by 30 plus. Mallard Creek would beat either one by 50 plus. Pulling for WF, but it's not going to happen. WF made it there though while everyone else is at the house...

RE: Wake Forest vs Mallard Creek

WF is like duke and Mallard Creek is like Florida st. I wanted to see the best east team go against the best west team, and I don't think WF was the best from the east. Same as I rather see Miami vs Florida st. Because than the game wouldn't e so one sided and then maybe just maybe the powerhouse loose, sorta like auburn vs Alabama, kmag will love this anology lol. That's why I wanted middle creek to win but the best team doesn't always win, it's the team that plays the best that night wins.

RE: Wake Forest vs Mallard Creek

Just curious. If you average roughly 30 points a game then how do you plan to score 28 points against Mallard Creek.

Cathloic averaged 37 points against the toughest schedule int he state and got 7 on MC

Butler averaged 43 and took 2 games to get 21 points

Hough averaged 37 and got 21

NW Guilford which runs a similar offense averaged 33 and got 14 all in the 4th quarter.

Have you seen the MC defense??

RE: Wake Forest vs Mallard Creek

(Have you seen the MC defense??)

MC laid the wood on nine consecutive plays which is three straight series. That is going to be a lot to deal with especially when some of WFR players are 150lbs soaking wet. But you still have to play the game just give 100% and see what happens.

RE: Wake Forest vs Mallard Creek

This post sure seems like the one Scotland vs. Knightdale....all these truth speaking predictions....LOL

Wake Forest is here just to give Mallard an opponent? They got here by accident? Mallard gonna beat the pansies out of Wafe Forest...
I'll be honset if you asked me to rank the top teams in the area WF would not have been in my top 10....but they are here, not sure if they win...but the score predictions are disrespectful at the least....

Mallard Creek 34 Wake Forest 28...hope Wake can find a way to pull the upset!!!
Good Luck Cougars!

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