HS Football Combine in Raleigh needs participants this weekend

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  • Patriot50 Feb 13, 2013

    Hidden, Amen! Every time one of these "combines" comes to town, coaches have to hear for weeks - usually from dillusional parents - about how a 3-year 3rd stringer is now suddenly a highly rated "prospect". Save your money for tuition.

  • hiddentreasurescruecds Feb 13, 2013

    These so-called "combines" are nothing more than a rip off. You don't need to attend these to get to the "next level". That's ridiculous. And believe me, the vast majority of college coaches agree. But hey if you want to waste your money to get to the "next level" feel free to pay your money for the "combine".

    I've coached high school football for 17 years throughout the state and have coached many kids who've signed to play in the ACC, SEC, Big East, Big Ten, Southern Conference, SAC 8, and many DII schools and not a single one ever paid a penny to attend a combine.

  • CapEightfan Feb 12, 2013
    Towel Boy

    I'm completely with you .....even in name... we found out about it through word of mouth last week. it just sucks that the kids that have signed up will miss out. Unless we go to Charlotte to attend the combines there. Which I actually beleive NIKE has a free one for students down there next month. Im just looking out for my own as we all are.

  • cap8fan Feb 12, 2013
    All Star

    Maybe next time they should do a better job advertising it. I know kids who would like to have gone to it but $60 last minute is unreasonable to ask of some families.

  • CapEightfan Feb 12, 2013
    Towel Boy

    There was a combine scheduled by VTO sports out of Charlotte for this weekend at the Athletic Performance Center in Raleigh on Sunday. They need around 35 more kids to be involved to make it a worthwhile event. Any rising Junior or Seniors....or I guess anyone with skills will eventually need to be a part of these combines to move to the next level. Right now VTO says they are cancelling the event because they dont have enough participants. If you are looking for a local combine, they dont come here that often, this may be one to get your feet wet in the combine experience. I do not work for VTO, but my son was signed up only to find out it may be cancelled due to lack of participation. it is $60 but from what I have heard the is a really good combine to prepare the athlete for the elite invite only combines Here is the link to this combine


    Registration says closed but call VTO directly and express an interest 800-516-8550 ask for OTIS No guarantees but I hope it works out.

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