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Why is this sight being ignored

RE: Why is this sight being ignored

Obviously some of you don't understand how journalism works. A single source is not enough to confirm a story. When I was writing, we had to have at least 3 sources to run something.

Twitter is not a "source" for anything other than rumors. Can't believe someone is upset because he didn't get a retweet.

RE: Why is this sight being ignored

It wasn't about not getting a retweet, it was about the story being ignored. Nick explained it and I'm good with it. In reality WRAL needs to step up and get Nick some help here if everything stops when he takes a vacation.

RE: Why is this sight being ignored

Why is Nick Stevens or whoever created this site ignoring it. If you look under Recruiting the info is a year or two old, the last high light videos are from June 2011, I sent a Highlight of my son to the address provided 3 months ago and nothing.

This is a active forum with great news and updates from folks all over the State and yet the One thing this site was created for "High School Sports.... News" is being ignored by the people who created it

posted by bleach7175 

It's been said later in this thread, but the level of coverage that HSOT tries to put forth is immense. Attempting to have up-to-date information in every area they've ventured at all times is tough even if you have a staff of dozens devoted solely to what you see on this site alone. And based on responses by staff over the years I'm not so sure they have dozens. If the case then you typically see ups-and-downs in coverage.

Personally, in the past if I looked at an area of coverage and contemplated why it was either incredible or why it might be lacking IMO, I first thought about what type of resources might be needed to make it all happen. Trying to put yourself in the shoes of those here at HSOT or at the N&O prep staff or Herald Sun prep staff begins to put in perspective that what one might believe is easy to do or only takes a few minutes, isn't so easy and in fact takes much longer.

As for the highlight tapes. It's been said a thousand times, but one more time. Make the tape - send it directly to the college coach that recruits the area (call their office to find this out if local HS coach doesn't have info). Call and get correct address. If they do something via email/online check. And then follow-up. Call and have a convo with Coach. Ask questions that allow you to verify they've watched the film. At that point you'll get a good idea of interest.

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RE: Why is this sight being ignored


No qualms here.

RE: Why is this sight being ignored

It's all good bullcity,

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