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Clayton Coach Offense

RE: Clayton Coach Offense

Hey Wag round 3 tonight at 7:00 pm. The Coliseum will be rocking. we might even sing Happy Birthday to Coach Medlin.

RE: Clayton Coach Offense

cant, then move on to another school, unless your children attend Clayton.

The perfect people are here again.

And thank god, some folks are not in hiring positions. They would be working alone.

BTW, when you respond as I know you will, answer this one question.

If someone makes a mistake almost 20 years ago, in a country where divorce is 50% of all marriages, then recommits, builds a family and a career and is successful, do they not deserver a second chance?

RE: Clayton Coach Offense

When do you think we can be done with this topic so it is not at the top of the forum board everyday? There have been several coaching changes throughout the triangle since Clayton hired their coach and this still seems to be the hot topic for mindless and senseless debate. Talk about the Fuquay coach leaving, or the new hire at Rolesville. Leave this alone. It is getting REALLY OLD!

RE: Clayton Coach Offense

wow. and the nature boy still insists he doesnt know this person. keep telling on yourself rick

RE: Clayton Coach Offense

Sounds good lbeck. Will you be at center court leading the song?


@cap8fan......After football season. LOL! No seriously Coach Pink/nature boy should be starting practice soon and then it will at least slow down.

RE: Clayton Coach Offense

waggle, didnt think you would answer the question.

cap8fan, feel free to start as many threads as you like.

The title of this one is pretty obvious as to the subject so ignore it if you dont like it.

RE: Clayton Coach Offense


You are absolutely right. It may actually be a good thread if you were talking about his offense. Seems to me you aren't taking about the offense but you are talking about everything else (i.e. hiring). I agree with you. Stick to the subject (title) of the thread or STOP. Like I said SENSELESS...

RE: Clayton Coach Offense

cap8, all I see is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, sticking my nose somewhere it doesnt belong.

Feel free to start as many threads as you like on all things cap8

RE: Clayton Coach Offense

Hey guys lets take a page from coach fowlers pregame pep talk notebook and "let the pads do the talking". This back and forth isnt going to change anything.Go Comets!!

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