Special Thanks to Chris Boleware, Bill Bollman, Scott Gay and others

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  • panamajack Feb 10, 2013

    Glad to see a local young man doing well.

  • schiess Feb 9, 2013
    All Star

    Thankful dad ,you don't owe an explanation ,god bless!

  • TheSkipper14 Feb 9, 2013
    Sports Legend

    As an ECU fan I hope he stays where he starts at.

  • hardworkbeatstalent Feb 9, 2013
    Towel Boy

    Thankfuldad16, Awsome post. I cant imagine how proud you are of your son. Although my son plays a different sport I hope to one day be able to right something similar.

  • thankfuldad16 Feb 9, 2013
    Towel Boy

    Wfrfan, you totally missed the point of this post. While I appreciate all of the congrats from others for my son and his future, my intent for this post was to publicly acknowledge those people that I know positively contributed to his journey and more importantly those who genuinely cared about not only him but other youth and their destiny in life. That is all! This post is not about who will win the Cap 8, who is the best athlete, who has the best coach or players, who has the best school, etc. I have respect for both schools and have developed relationships with some great people (players, parents, teachers, coaches) from both schools, and I believe that I have acknowledged as many of those people as I could possibly think of, in addition to people from his church, elementary and middle school, and Youth Sports days, and you found a way to turn this into a WFR vs. WF post. Some of the people mentioned on this post have nothing to do with football, WFR or WF.

    As for your comments about athleticism and skill set, I am not a talent evaluator or expert in that area. Therefore, I will not address that topic. I will just leave that up to the experts who get paid to evaluate talent to make those career decisions. However, the statement about college, wow! I thought we were in the 21st century. I know that college is not for everyone but to indicate that it is unimportant is unimaginable to me. Or, to even equate winning a Cap 8 title with the opportunity to further your education and position yourself for better job opportunities baffles me as well. However, I won't criticize what you see as important vs. what I see as important because that wasn't the intent of this post. Again, thanks to all of you who have helped my son spiritually, academically, and athletically throughtout his entire school career.

  • panamajack Feb 9, 2013

    wfrfan- Are you serious? "People put to much importance in college" College should be the goal of any high school student especially in this horrible economy. Until WFR can find a way to stop Braxton Berrios your prediction will be tough to back up.

  • lazydawg58 Feb 8, 2013
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    Good luck to your son at ECU! He will get an excellent education there. The football environment is the best in the state.

  • wfrfan92 Feb 8, 2013
    Towel Boy

    I am a Wake Forest fan myself. I graduated from this highschool and even though I am a Wake Forest fan I am very proud of Xavier and the other transfer. I can see that his father is very proud of his son aswell. I kept up with Xavier last year I felt like he should have been on the field more. I dont think the father is trying to criticize anyone he is just thanking who he feels is a role model in his life. In my opinion he was the best athlete on defense in his junior year at wfr. Wake Forest Rolesville lost three spectacular athletes its a shame we had to lose them to our rival school. Not saying my opinion count but who knows maybe the head coach at wakefield is doing something that the previous coach wasnt. Congrats to both of the signees.

  • cboleware87 Feb 8, 2013
    Towel Boy

    All of the praise goes to you and his Mother. We all know its tough raising kids, that young man is a living testament to the kind of people you are. Sometimes in life you meet people who make you a better person, being apart of Xaviers world has helped me more than you know. Thank you for the experience. Regarding the wfrfan comment......Many years from now I think you may look on that a little different.

  • wfrfan Feb 8, 2013
    Towel Boy

    Our Coach at WFR build a different athlete. All around Athletes. I know Smith, he is a good guy. He wasn't good enough to start for us. I saw that both of the kids who transferred got scholarships, but i personally think people put too much importance in college. We will win the Cap 8 next year!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thankfuldad16 Feb 8, 2013
    Towel Boy

    Cap8fan, thanks for your acknowledgement of Xavier being a quality person. How others view his character means more to me than anything related to football. As stated, this post was all about acknowledging the most influential people that Xavier has encounter throughout his adolescent life. This post was not meant to slight anyone or discredit their personal or professional skills and abilities. Xavier has learned a lot from ALL of his teachers and coaches at every level of school and sports.

    As for Bill Bollman and the other two gentlemen mentioned (Chris Boleware and Scott Gay), outside of family these guys served as heroic figures and extremely positive role models to my son. Because of the genuine relationship Xavier has with all three men, I felt it was necessary that they received special acknowledgement.

    As for the recruiting process, Xavier was a late bloomer, which actually began for him in late June of 2012 (going into his Senior year). By that time Xavier had transitioned to Wakefield, therefore, the appropriate acknowledgement and appreciation was provided to the appropriate group. Thanks again for the positive post and feedback! Also, thanks to you as well mjjohnson5573 for acknowledging the post and the intent of the recognition and thanks to the positive role models we have encountered along the way.

    I look forward to maintaining my affiliation, on some level with Pop Warner football, regularly attending Friday night high school games, and seeing more players in this area obtain football scholarships regardless of the level (D1, D2, D3). It's all about getting a free educational opportunity while playing a sport you love.

  • mjjohnson5573 Feb 8, 2013
    Sports Legend

    Guessing since he transfered for his senior year that you're not going to see that. All experiences in life, positive and negative, help develop us. They both make us stronger. Nice post dad....positive recognition.

  • cap8fan Feb 8, 2013
    All Star

    I didn't noticed Reggie Lucas and the WFR coaching staff mentioned (just Coach Bollman and the Wakefield staff). Wasn't Xavier at WFR for three years and completing the recruiting process before he transferred to Wakefield? Definately a positive post but just curious about why the staff at WFR who developed Xavier prior to transferring didn't get a shout out.

    Congratulations to Xavier. Quality person and is going to do great things at ECU.

  • thankfuldad16 Feb 8, 2013
    Towel Boy

    Brian, I will certainly share with my son the advice you received when you signed your LOI. I am sure that he will welcome your advice b/c he is a humble and grateful person.

    Without a doubt, I am proud dad, more so for my sons resolve throughout his journey than the end result. The end result just happened to be God's additional blessing, but it is the JOURNEY that will forever change his life and encourage him to make a difference in someone else life.

    However, my primary purpose for this post was to publicly express my sincere gratitude to those who positively influenced him throughout his journey both on and off the field. All of the before mentioned people or groups (and I forgot the McLemore's) genuinely care about kids and should be recognized for their efforts. Congrats to all of them for what they do for our youth. We should all know that life is about service and giving back to others. This is the lesson that I know my son received throughout his adolescent life's journey.

    Thanks for your congrats and your advice is right on point and well taken. I appreciate the positive feedback.

  • justkickit Feb 8, 2013

    What a refreshing post. It takes a team of people both on and off the field to make a positive impact in the lives of young people these days...thanks for sharing. Godspeed to your son, may he make everyone proud to be part of his journey.

  • just brian Feb 7, 2013
    All Star

    Congratulations! Can't tell you are a proud dad at all! <sarcasm>

    Best advice I ever received when I signed my LOI was "Remember who you are and what you stand for and follow your faith."

    Good luck to your son.

  • thankfuldad16 Feb 7, 2013
    Towel Boy

    Yesterday was a special day and a new step for my son (Xavier) as signed his National Letter of Intent to play college football. Without God, family, the Church and the support and encouragement from the people listed below his dream would not have not been possible.
    Chris Boleware (Pop Warner Coach/Mentor) is the ultimate friend and mentor to not only my son, but too many young men that he has coached of the over the years. Coach B, as many call him is an intelligent man that motivates kids to reach beyond heights that they could ever imagine. As a friend and father, I just want to say thank you for all you have done to encourage and motivate my son along the way. Nothing but love and respect for you and your family.
    Coach Bollman (Former High School, Middle School, & Pop Warner Coach/Mentor/Trainer), probably one the best coaches in Wake County. Why? It is not just based on his knowledge of the game of football, but for his relentless effort to assist kids throughout Wake County to realize their dream and pursue it in spite of what others may think. Coach Bollman volunteers his time and efforts to helping all kids of all backgrounds, in any sport, girls and boys to train hard, the right way in an effort to pursue their dreams. Thanks for taking my son under your wing during his high school junior football season, coaching him up and teaching him not only the game of football but the game of life. You are an amazing person and coach and these young men and women will always remember you for your act of altruism.
    Scott Gay (Former Professional Baseball Player/Youth Baseball Coach/Mentor), what can I say but thanks for being a friend and teaching my son the game of baseball and motivating him to be the best that he could be on and off of the diamond. Although baseball did not eventually lead to his athletic pathway, he still learned a lot from you and appreciates how you embraced him and took your valuable time to teach him the game. You treated my son like he was your own and I admire you and your family.
    Others Influential people: Coach Sink and the entire Wakefield football coaching/training staff, Wakefield teachers (Leshnock, Mc Masters, Krawcyzk, and Ayers) and administrative staff, Mitch Family, WFR teachers (Pope, Harrison, Gantz, Richards, Dunn, Hartman, Mattingly, Fowler, Rick Baker to name a few) Joyner’s, Damien Smith, Carolina Elite, Mike Doyle, Tyrone Alston, Brian Baldelli, Mark and Brad Collins, Dave Hausfeld, and Steve Moss, and the entire North Raleigh Bulldog family.

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