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Meet the "coach"

RE: Meet the

Wags and oldtime I have flawed opinions also,but I have your backs and 140 go ahead an bash the copperheads while your at it.

RE: Meet the

Look, sometimes folks get a little carried away with hyperbole, or defending one point of view or the other. Obviously, pee wee football has value. No, it's not the end all and be all of a successful high school program. Yes, not many schools in this area have "meet the coach" nights...but they do in many areas. With this being the first hire of a head coach at Clayton in quite some time and being someone from outside, I'm sure the leadership in the school thought it a good idea. Other schools in the area have gone the "press conference" route--HC for example--and that, too, drew criticism from detractors. Sure, there might have been some element of damage control as well since some of you were in such an uproar. The guy can coach, give him a chance.

RE: Meet the

Will do oldtimecoach.

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