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Cary Coach Resigns

Cary Coach Resigns continued

Also Truth, you wrote others have told you he left to win games and the other to get a D1 scholarship. Not to get a more positive relationship with his coaches and have fond memories. He went to LHS and because a part of the BB show.....

Having a positive relationship with a coach was a factor as well.

Yes, cause there was not any winning at SHS because of coaching, and yes he would get more exposure at LHS because of better team, better support, better coaching, better overall program, and to partner with another talented player. If it was "All Good" at SHS, he would have remained.

He has captured fond memories because of it.

And you have NO fond memories of your high school football experience?? Sorry to hear it.

RE: Cary Coach Resigns

All i can say is its going to take a special coach to change this thing around cause for a long long time they have not been good in football, and most of the years it has not come from coaching.They have not had the talent to play with the big dogs. Just cause you have 2000 students dont mean you will have talent.Plus the middle schools that feed into Sanderson are not too good in football either.So sometimes it has more to do with where you are, not with coaching.
Since 1999 35-118.

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