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David Salmon- Middle Creek

RE: David Salmon- Middle Creek

? Who said it wasn't? I guess I will slow things down so everyone clearly understands intent. Campbell is a DI school which does not offer athletic scholarships. There is no real difference in Campbell and most DIII schools. Neither offer athletic scholarships and they both recruit the same level of athlete. To infer that Campbell is a higher level of football than teams like Methodist is disingenuous at best.

RE: David Salmon- Middle Creek

heelmania, while I can appreciate your opinion of the level of football that a non scholarship school provides, you happen to be wrong regarding Campbell and David Salmon. When Campbell first reignited their program around 2007, I thought the same about the program. I thought it was a glorified D3 because they did not have athletic scholarships. Having had an opportunity to learn more about the program and the coaches that they have had over the last few years, I have learned that this is not the case. They actually recruit the best players that fit into the academic standards, no different than a Wofford, Davidson, Georgetown or any other school with high academic standards. They are limited to the size of the recruiting class, unlike some of the D3 schools in which you are comparing them with. Campbell does not offer every kid. Campbell plays a D1AA schedule which includes members of the expansive Pioneer League and also includes at least 2 other non Pioneer League D1AA teams. Last year, Old Dominion was on the schedule, a top seed in D1AA, now a D1A team. My point being, while Campbell is not at an elite D1AA level, they are not D2 or D3.

Regarding David Salmon, you are also wrong. He did have SCHOLARSHIP offers, by at least 2 other schools. My only problem with your posts is that you come off as if you have definitive knowledge of what you are talking about and you don't. You have every right to your opinion, but please limit it to opinion and don't pass it off as fact. That, to me, makes you disingenuous at best. That's my opinion.

RE: David Salmon- Middle Creek

I am acutely aware of those distinctions without differences. Does glorified DIII better fit your understanding of Campbell? Nothing you said points to a superior level of athletes. Campbell also plays DIII schools. Campbell offers no one. They have no athletic scholarships to give.

Salmon recieved no full athletic scholarship offers. This is fact. So definitive, yes.

RE: David Salmon- Middle Creek

Ignorance is bliss.

RE: David Salmon- Middle Creek

Great point by olddb!

"The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about."

RE: David Salmon- Middle Creek

Glad to see such an enlightened view of your being highly ignorant. The facts remain unrefuted.

More publicity desired on how Campbell's "academic standards" are not even on the same planet as many of those other schools you are hoping to compare yourself to such as Davidson or Georgetown? I've seen the whole recruiting spiel for many years. It is not truth you are looking for here. Only "ataboys" and adulation.

RE: David Salmon- Middle Creek

Congrats to David Salmon!! A fine young man, with a bright future. He has chosen a good school, with lots of opportunities. He also has the opportunity to play football and play for a coach with NFL experience. Great opportunity! He will create a lot of long lasting memories both on and off the field.

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