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Kudos to the Staff at Middle Creek

Kudos to the Staff at Middle Creek

I just heard about the recruiting fair that was held over at MCHS last week. There were over 20 different high school coaches and close to 30 colleges represented. I know that NC Preps does a similar thing in Charlotte each year. It is great to see coaches of the Triangle are doing what they can to help their student athletes. Hope to see those guys make this a tradition. There are good players in this region, not just in Charlotte!

RE: Kudos to the Staff at Middle Creek

It was a great event and hopefully will give some kids a chance that they otherwise would not have had.

RE: Kudos to the Staff at Middle Creek


RE: Kudos to the Staff at Middle Creek

I's always great for the kids to be associated with coaches that are willing to go that extra mile to help them get noticed!!

If I'm not mistaken 4 kids from Middle Creek made the 2012 NCPREPS all state team...I have no doubt that all those selected were well deserving, but it's also about being exposed and having the opportunity to showcase your can be one of the top athletes and players in NC, but if your coaching staff isn't willing to do the little extra things to help get you exposed you will, by larger accounts go unnoticed. And that can be the difference in playing D-1 on the next level or having to play at a smaller level school. These days EXPOSURE plays a Huge part of the chance you have of playing at the highest level possible for the athletes....Once again great job Middle Creek!


I apologize....that was Mallard Creek....still....I stand by the previous statement...LOL

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