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  • TheSkipper14 Jan 17, 2013
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    wakefield hurt millbrook more then it hurt wake forest

  • teammugs Jan 17, 2013
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    Wake county is by no means settled, some of the schools haven't even been around for 30 years and one of the top programs has taken hits by the opening of Wakefield, Heritage, and now Rolesville...

  • Bad Azz Boyz Jan 17, 2013

    That pretty much makes sense but are there not other qualified candiates, my only concern is if a program that is middle of the road or just average, the current coach leaves for greener pastures or is dismissed and a hire from within takes place what really is the point. I think the bigger issue in this area is the acceptance of meidiocracy that other counties or communities don't accept. A few of the programs here seem to be consistently strong but overall the play is very average and thus the largest populated area in the state (at least top 2-3) hasnt won a championship in 30 years.

  • redflamebball Jan 16, 2013

    well said oldtime

  • oldtimecoach Jan 16, 2013
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    I don't know that to be the case in Wake County more than anywhere else....maybe less so. Leesville Road, Wakefield, Wake Forest Rolesville, Athens Drive, Fuquay all hired from within their own staffs. Middle Creek brought in a first time head coach who had been an assistant in WC. Apex hired a former Wake County assistant who was a head coach outside the county. SER hired a head coach from SC. Heritage hired a Wake County assistant. Enloe hired a former Wake County assistant. Its been a while at Millbrook and Broughton, but both their head coaches are former assistants at those schools. Sanderson's previous head coach was an assistant there. All in all, that looks like new blood from inside their programs. It looks like Kolstad is the first Wake County head coach in quite a while to have been a head coach at another Wake County schools. Perhaps I misunderstood your hire/rehire comment. It seems in Wake County that they tend to hire either someone within their own program they have confidence in (particularly if the program was successful) or they go to a nearby program that has been successful and they hire one of their guys.

  • Bad Azz Boyz Jan 16, 2013

    I am not very familiar with the new hire, so I am not one to quote on his ability as a coach, Cary seem to have done ok based on expectations of average schools in the area. I am not a product of this area so I am new to the hire/rehire coachers from schools who just switch around to different schools, where I come from coaches stick around and new bloods get the jobs to build, it seems Wake Co. has a differnt approach where the same guys just move around to different schools. I live close and am a fan of high school football so it will interesting to see how things progress but the Sanderson program hasn't been fun to watch lately. Good luck to the new Coach, IMO of course!

  • strongside Jan 15, 2013

    Now that you know who it is, What do you think?

  • Bad Azz Boyz Dec 19, 2012

    Any insight about who will be the next coach there or who has intereviewed, in the running for the job.

  • ravenrll Dec 19, 2012

    Enloe has the highest number of students in the state at 2900.

  • Common Sense Rules Dec 19, 2012
    Towel Boy

    I also have the impression that the enrollment numbers at Sanderson and Enloe are much lower than other schools which typically results in lower total talent on the field. With the school choice situation in Raleigh I am afraid it is going to make the rich get richer as opposed to parity among schools. Good players will always want to play with good players. I am really interested in seeing what happens to Wakefield next year.

  • cap8fan Dec 19, 2012
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    I have been known to defend the coaching staff at Sanderson when they were attacked. Coaching is not easy and when you work at a school where the principal is HIGHLY INVOLVED with the program, it can become somewhat challenging.

    In my opinion, whoever takes over the Sanderson program will have to be PATIENT. There is a great support at Sanderson but the players still have to learn how to play. Developing the physical and mental toughness it takes to be successful takes YEARS...not games. I said the same thing about Enloe when they hired their new coach. Nothing is going to change overnight. Patience and persistence is critical I think.

  • RamsesIV Dec 19, 2012
    Towel Boy

    I worked there as an assistant in the mid 90's. It was a school rich in tradition (in soccer). David Riggs was a super coach (check the record at Fuquay a decade later) and reached out to the kids in the program. The demographics of the school probably have changed with all the new schools and redistricting in the county...but, the facility was good. I think there were five coaches who worked in the building back then. (This was about 5 coaching changes ago, for what it is worth.)

  • Bad Azz Boyz Dec 18, 2012

    Any news on the job, in one's opinion, what is necessary to turn that program around. Not from around here and not familiar with the history there, why such mediocre play for so long. Is the talent in the building and just not interesting or what. Please, positive feedback, don't want this to turn into a bashing of anyone in particular, just curious as to the issues ahead for the new coach once they are named.

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