Spring Football in NC

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  • strongside Jan 15, 2013

    Lacrosse is too big and powerful!

  • Lost and Loaded Jan 5, 2013

    I think they should allow HS teams to practice 2 weeks earlier than is now allowed and a week earlier with full contact. Schools on a traditional schedule now start almost 2 weeks earlier than they did when I was in high school. We had a full 3 weeks of practice (with one week 2 a days) before our first organized scrimmage - now they only have 2 weeks before scrimmage and just 3 weeks before the first game.

    It is really beneficial to have an extra week of full contact - to help teach the fundamentals of blocking and tackling. Fine tuning the execution of the offense doesn't require full contact - but an extra week of practice does help. I think they are more concerned with injury - when they don't factor in the reality that extra practice helps tremendously with conditioning - a well conditioned player is much less likely to get hurt. When I played HS school ball, even though I did alot of off season conditioning - I never felt I was in top football shape till the second or third game ...and we had 2 extra weeks of practice back then compared to today's teams.

  • rlee1117 Jan 2, 2013

    cantbustem It's like any other thing you do when you learn more about the game and how to protect yourself better with techique. Plus it helps you stay in game shape also. The more time you have to teach them how to do things right also helps them be better players which also helps them get more chances at colleges recruiting them.

  • durhamfbfan Jan 1, 2013
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    Unless things have changed, while NC schools can't engage in spring football as seen in other states like SC, Georgia, etc.; spring football can take place.

    Aside from dead-periods that coincide with exam periods and new athletic seasons (try-outs) a football staff can have organized non-contact workouts. There are limits with regards to the number of participants each day, but a well organized program can accomplish a ton from the end of a season to the first official day of practice in late July/early August. Weight training, agility training, speed work, chalk talk, fundamentals and outside install can all take place. You simply can't have everyone out there, believe it is 20 at a time and you can't have contact. If I'm not mistaken, those you have out there can be in helmets and shoulder pads - but again, no contact.

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  • clevelandfb65 Jan 1, 2013

    CW66, I think your right. I've been watching HS FB on the sidelines for the past 4 yrs and the tackling is terrible I've also seen better & correct tackling in youth fb than I do in HS which I think is due to the amount of time coaches have with players.
    If the NCHSAA doesn't change their policy on spring practice I hope they will towards spring/summer camps.

  • capitalwildcat66 Dec 31, 2012
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    Spring Practice without full contact would limit the possibility of getting kids injured that are participating in spring sports,(baseball,track,etc) it would allow coaches to see how things look, if their idea for the upcoming season can develope....football is more than just hitting. And what are the rules now? as far as I know SPRING FOOTBALL doesn't exsist here in NC.
    You can accomplish alot using tackling dummies, fine tuning technique, working on speed drills...the list goes on, the more you cover over the spring the less time you have to use in August going over these things.....Makes perfect logic to me.

  • cantbustem Dec 31, 2012
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    That makes no logic. They can do more within the rules they have now. They can also wear shoulder pads and helmet. Spring practice without contact would not be worth the time IMO. As it is, not counting dead periods, schools can practice 5 days a week if they choose as long as they are within the guidelines of the NCHSA.

  • capitalwildcat66 Dec 31, 2012
    All Star

    I can't come up with a legit reason why Spring Football isn't allowed in NC.

    give the coaches 8 practices within a 3 week window, somewhere around April and May...No Full contact...helmets and shoulder pads, no leg gear...and allow coaches to start implementing there gameplans and workout routines....

    not only will the athletes get added practices which in theory leads to better prepared football players, it will allow coaches to "weed out" players that aren't cut out for the game before August starts, so coaches can have a truer idea of who they can count on during the season...

  • cantbustem Dec 29, 2012
    Sports Legend

    Like the concept and idea but I do not follow your logic of why spring ball would stop people from getting hurt.

  • rlee1117 Dec 29, 2012

    This is a big reason so many teams in Fla.,Tx.,Ga.,SC. gets there players ready year after year.It will also give these kids goals that will improve grades in the classrooms with the chance of going to bigger schools if the grades are good for college. I am sure it can be done in block styles so coaches can have vacations also and still be able to coach these kids which can stop so many from getting hurt by having more time to teach them more. I say let the coaches make the choice on this one guys. I bet they would love to do it since they love the game and these kids so much.

  • Lost and Loaded Dec 26, 2012


    Organized football practice only begins in late July - very strict guidelines on length of practice and the earliest they can do "full contact" . No spring football in NC at schools belonging to the NCHSAA.

    Often teams will have informal meetings throughout the year to check/recommend conditioning or participation in other sports if the athlete is not already engaged in a secondary sport or two - but no firm requirement.

  • getsome Dec 10, 2012

    Can someone clarify why NC does not have or cannot have spring football practices?? I don't think I have heard a clear answer on the topic yet.

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