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pod system gone!!

RE: pod system gone!!

With the POD system abolished does this mean there will be less teams in the playoffs as well? Also, I agree those who are wanting Spring Football. It is something that is LONG over due for this state.

RE: pod system gone!!

I doubt we will see the dissolution of the A-AA designation in the playoffs. Including more teams overall in the playoffs is generally a good thing for the school's bottom line and for the kids.

Kind of miss the old days though when there fewer teams in the playoffs - each game playoff game from 1st round to last was extremely competitive and hardly ever a sure thing for either team.

RE: pod system gone!!

Can someone explain to me what is the main hang up with having Spring football here? I have heard some reasons such as having to pay coaching stipends all year instead of half, cuts into other sports etc....

RE: pod system gone!!

Best thing to happen to high school football in this state in YEARS!

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