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Northern Guilford Renamed - T.J. Logan HS

RE: Northern Guilford Renamed - T.J. Logan HS

Folks, I personally think that "jandersonjr81" doesn't coach except for what he does on a video game, hence why he doesn't state where he "coaches" at. I can't see someone doing this in a Pop Warner championship game let alone a high school state championship game. For someone to run a trick play with the game well in hand - for any reason- has no class or no character.

How could this coach justify an injury to one of his own players had one happened in garbage time? What about an injury to an opposing player? Just take a knee, celebrate with class & style, and let the defeated team lose with dignity.

RE: Northern Guilford Renamed - T.J. Logan HS

you build a reputation when you do stuff like this. If coach of NG wants to run that he can...But dont be suprised if teams return the favor down the road. No team stays on top forever...not around here. It was classless and unesasary.

RE: Northern Guilford Renamed - T.J. Logan HS

I know this is beating a dead horse, but my thoughts anyway...

Not once have I ever thought that Coach Roscoe made that call to run up the score. His track record backs up this position. I've seen Northern play 5 times this year. Here's a look at 4 of those games...

1-beat DUDLEY 36-7...(29-7 at the half)
2-beat EASTERN ALAMANCE 49-7 (49-0 in the 3rd)
3-beat CHAPEL HILL 43-0 (36-0 at the half)
4-beat HUNT 44-0 (37-0 at the half)

He usually tries to just run the clock once he hits the 40's. He could have hung 60-70 points up in many of their games but didn't. In only 3 of NG's previous 23 games did they go over 50 points.

This is my opinion...Coach Roscoe probably got caught up in the moment and made that call strictly for Logan's pursuit of a record. They had already announced over the PA that Logan had eclipsed the state championship rushing record for a single game (317, in '99), and perhaps Roscoe was made aware of the overall mark of 490 yards (set in 2011) as well. Once Logan reached 437 and 7 TDs, I know that the notion crossed my mind (and perhaps others that were aware of the 490 yd. mark) on whether Roscoe would leave him in to pursue it. I think he was probably just overtaken by the moment (Logan's final game, breaking the overall yardage record, TD #8 that would equal Logan's #8 jersey number, perhaps Roscoe's own final game at NG?). I don't know the coach personally, but those are the things that crossed my mind. I'm just about sure if he had seen the uproar that it has caused that perhaps he may would not have done it. I believe his intentions were good, or at least that's the way I'm looking at it. It was never meant to dishonor Charlotte Catholic, even if that is how it has been perceived. A fake punt was the easiest way of attaining the yardage for Logan.

Coach Roscoe and his staff have done a tremendous job with NG. I would give him the benefit of the doubt rather than make him out to be a bad guy. He's a great coach.

RE: Northern Guilford Renamed - T.J. Logan HS

Well it seems that the people that are complaining about the NG-CC game,either lost badly to NG or didn't make the cut. The lesson should be not to post on sports blogs about what you're going to do before a game(CC)and just play the game. The rest of these posts about bad sportsmanship are just the losers...winening,crying,#itching,and moaning.

RE: Northern Guilford Renamed - T.J. Logan HS

@ bad sportsmanship is just bad sportsmanship. I gave props to N. Guilford after the Hunt game. I knew they were on another level and honestly I wasnt really shocked we lost. But 4th quarter fake punts are unnessesary when you are demolishing a team. I guess im not used to it. I dont see Hunt doing it. Thats not the kids fault its a COACHING fault. I still remain adament that NG has the best team in this state possibly. But I wont agree with the 4th quarter fake punt I dont care what team does it. EVEN if it was my team I would have been critical of it.

RE: Northern Guilford Renamed - T.J. Logan HS

@gscruser. I don't have a dog in the fight as I don't have a son in high school. I am just a high school football fan in general. The fake punt call was total BS selfishness on Coach Roscoe's part. I think he got caught up in a moment and became a fan instead of a coach. But if he can live with the decisions and the lies he told afterward that is his business. That type of play call has no business in high school sports. And we really wonder why kids act the way they do.

RE: Northern Guilford Renamed - T.J. Logan HS

^Agreed...they were running up the score. He needn't complain when another coach decides to do that to him in the future. What goes around comes around!!!

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