Looking for a Football Kicking Coach

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  • justkickit Dec 1, 2012

    Lets petition Mr. Orner to move to the Triangle!

    While its a great idea, fact is his Raleigh camps are slow to fill unlike the Charlotte events. He has a much greater following and pool of kickers in Charlotte. If you can beat the rush, the 1 on 1 sessions will provide the best opportunity to improve in a short period of time. When we started training with Dan, I hesitated to spend more time traveling than training. Not anymore.

    When I asked this question here 2 years ago, the response I got was "get ready to hit the road" because there is no substitute for Dan Orner. This was accurate. I understand your desire to be close to home. We have logged over 15,000 miles nationwide this year alone in pursuit of high end training. Its been well worth it. If you find a quality trainer local please post. There is a void here that could be filled by the right person.

    There is a guy in Atlanta that runs The Kickers Zone that utilizes video to train. He has written a program that will overlay on the video you provide the adjustments he suggests. His name is Marc Nolan, a former player/coach himself. Check him out, it could be something that you may find helpful without having to travel. I know he has worked with a lot of top talent this way.

    One last comment, in my opinion the most productive choice could be to fully commit to the pointy ball. The continual crossover and demands of playing both could actually be hindering his progress. I have witnessed an athlete absolutely flourish after making this decision. I have also seen top guys doing both slip away either due to injury, lack of commitment, etc. There are those who do both and do them well, but not many and not for long.

    See you in Charlotte!

  • Common Sense Rules Nov 30, 2012
    Towel Boy

    Thanks cleatz, I was thinking about reaching out to the state kicker after the bowl game to see if it is allowed and he was interested. My sons kicking coach out of Charlotte (Dan Orner) trains the kicker for NCSU so I would think I could get contact information for the punter if it is allowed.

    Dan does come to Raleigh a few times a year to hold clinics. He has most of his workouts in Charlotte and his times book extremely quickly. The last time he posted his schedule online, roughly 40 slots filled in under 5 minutes. I'd just like to find someone local as well to work with so I can work it in alongside with our soccer schedule.

  • cleatz Nov 30, 2012
    Towel Boy

    I don't know of a dedicated kicking coach in the Raleigh area, but I have a a couple suggestions.

    1. See if the current punter for state would be willing to work with your son. I think they can do that, but he could check with the compliance officer at the school.

    2. See if you can work with the coach in coming to Raleigh. Ask him for the email addresses of the kickers in the area. Then ask him if you could get X number of people for a private lesson, would he be willing to come up here? Especially the day before or after when he's coming here for a clinic. If it's the person I'm thinking of, they have good friends in the area so a weekend might not be out of the question.

  • Common Sense Rules Nov 26, 2012
    Towel Boy

    Is there an experienced punting coach who teaches in the Raleigh area? My son currently goes to Charlotte for lessons and I was hoping to find a local guy as well who had some time during the offseason. Thanks for your help.

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