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Jack Britt Fans

RE: Jack Britt Fans

Whoever did the game plan for Garner did a good job...8 points...Garner would have scored more against Butler albeit in a losing effort. So if not the coach, who did the game plan?

On the other hand, Middle Creeks Coach quits after 4 trinine championships in 6 years and goes to Panther Creek and wins only one game this year. The new MC Coach goes undefeated in the Tri-Nine and wins 11 games overall. Did the old MC coach suddenly become bad? Did a Senior QB with 3000 yards passing, 34 Tds, 2 three year starting tailbacks and an experienced offensive line help the new MC Coach? I see the point Dnut is trying to make. But after the initial post I made being misconstrued as a serious post, I am going to give the JB coach the benefit of the doubt, the MC coach as well. He was named Tri-nine coach of the year.

RE: Jack Britt Fans

You make it sound like Rimph had nothing to do with Britt's success this year. I think where they are at (in the state championship), with all of the expectations put on them before the season, say's a lot about the job the coaching staff did this year in guiding the kids through the pressure. A big part of that was the job done by the coaching staff to keep the kids heads on straight when they were struggling during the regular season.

RE: Jack Britt Fans

Prior to Bailey leaving, they were the favorite along with Leesville and Garner. Once they lost 2 games, and finished second in their conference...people wrote Britt off. Been an even flow kind of year.

RE: Jack Britt Fans

To answer your question kmag, I would guess the same Garner coaches that came up with the game plans that resulted in 76 and 56 points the previous two games. Coaches can't draw up the play AND catch the pass.

The best coaches usually have the best players. That being said, talent alone will not win championships. Talent plus good coaching does. Any team that makes it this far has a coach that at a bare minimum knows how to stay out of his own way and let his players play. Rimpf came into a high pressure, "state title or bust" environment and produced. Just hope he realizes a lot of great coaches can go a whole career and not get where he is this week. Congrats and best of luck to him...

RE: Jack Britt Fans

You can all say what you will, Coach Rimpf has already done 2 things this year that Coach Bailey never did. 1) after 8 or 9 tries, Jack Britt went to Richmond County and beat the Raiders; 2) after 3 tries and 2 years back to back, Jack Britt went to Garner and beat them... 3) this is the 2nd time Jack Britt and Butler will meet in the State Championship... I'm thinking trifecta...

Go Bucs!

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