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4AA State Championship: Butler vs Jack Britt

RE: 4AA State Championship: Butler vs Jack Britt

I was only stating facts about the Britt team from last year same QB, WRS,OL, among others that were Sr's this year. Lets see how well they do next year before you call it Rimpf"team. I only made these comments because as you already know a leesville fan made a comment about Garner that was out of line because Garner beat Leesville again in the playoffs. I see leesville being very good this year also.Lets see if WFR can give them a Run in the cap 8.

RE: 4AA State Championship: Butler vs Jack Britt

@Durhamnut- Your name is fitting... if you think that the current staff has run the same scheme as the previous staff, you either have a serious lack of football knowledge or have never seen either team play. Morris is a very good coach who had some very good talent while he was here. As someone who has been around this community for awhile, that is the best talent that has ever come through the school. The talent level is down right now. Do I disagree with some things the current staff does? Yes. Did I disagree with things the previous staff did? Yes. But they are the coaches and anyone with two eyes can see that they are not working with the same level of talent that we've had here in the past few years. To be honest with you, this is the last I'll post about this as there is no purpose to continue discussing football matters with someone so obviously lacking in football acumen.

RE: 4AA State Championship: Butler vs Jack Britt


There is only 1 senior on their offensive line for the record. Both RB's are JR's. The other star wide receivers besides McDaniel are juniors. They will have to replace 4 in their front 7 on the defensive side of the ball, but return the whole secondary as well. The backup QB this year has limited time, but when McRae was injured in 2011 he led the team in a win over Broughton. Britt will be just fine.

RE: 4AA State Championship: Butler vs Jack Britt


I want my BBQ!

RE: 4AA State Championship: Butler vs Jack Britt

So I guess that means there will be no excuses if the wheels fall off at Britt next year then. Good to hear.

RE: 4AA State Championship: Butler vs Jack Britt

I read somewhere on here that the D-line was young piratefball172. But either way time tells all. As far as a running game I did not see Britt running that much in the final 2 games except for the QB.


RE: 4AA State Championship: Butler vs Jack Britt

Britt's running game really didn't get going until the 4th quarter against Garner. I think Carter had over a 100 yards that game. Running was going to happen against Butler's D1 inside linebackers. I think Sean Wiggins had 16 tackles. They tried to stay away from Kalambayi. Our defensive line has a few juniors, but our offensive line was really young this year. I think Britt will run more of the spread option/single wing look with Carter and Foshee. Both had over 1,000 yards. As usual you never know what to expect with the passing game with a new QB. Need to replace our stud tight end. I'm in the dark just as much as everyone else.

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