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Greater Neuse awards!!!

Greater Neuse awards!!!

Who gets what and why?

RE: Greater Neuse awards!!!

I'll take the bait!..LOL!!

Coach of the year...Coach Senseney from Knightdale, even though I think they Underachieved the job he has done in getting the program turned around can't be denied!

I won't go position by position because the only team I "follow" is knightdale...However Marquavious Johnson should be in consideration for QB, even though if he didn't win it over the QB from Garner I understand...BUT IT IS NO WAY HE DOESN"T GET OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR! He made electrifying plays every game he suited up in.

Other kids from Knightdale that have a chance...OL Tyler Thomas and Duncan(sorry i can't remember his last name) DL Lamar Dulin, LB Marcel Johnson, just not sure if he played in enough conference games to be considered, but is definately one of the top LB's in conference..Safety Chris Malone, the defense started and ended with him so much so he wasn't allowed to get as many offensive reps due to coaches not wanting to risk losing him...led the team in tackles and pass breakups...On the outside looking in HB Nate Harvey and Corner Tyler Squirewell...have the talent just not sure if the numbers allow them entrance on the team.

RE..GNRC awards

other kids that impressed my during the year was the Wideout for Harnett Central #18

Sandy Chapman from SER is a baller
the 2 kids from East Wake #2 and #8 should make the team also
at least one of Claytons RB, the DE #8 and their safety #5 I think? should team with Malone for first team Safety honors....

I can't really remember any body from West Johnson or Smithfield that stood out the game that I saw...

As far as Garner you can throw some names in a hat and just pick'em...they are loaded!

RE: Greater Neuse awards!!!

Clayton should put Tam Barbour, Ced Harris, Anthony Gaskins, Jace Brown, Conner Barbour, and Demarge Bailey on the team.

RE: Greater Neuse awards!!!

Coach of the Year - Nelson Smith - another great job
Offensive POY - a Trojan - pick one
Defensive POY - a Trojan - pick one
All-Conf. O - GT starting unit
All-Conf. D - GT starting unit the victor go the spoils!

RE: Greater Neuse awards!!!

Fan of the year-Garners Battling Bishop 5
Best concession Nachos-Garner H.S.
Best parking lot attendants-Garner H.S.
Best announcer-Garner H.S.
Best Chick Filet sandwiches-Garner H.S.

Please feel free to add to the list in case I am missing anything. LOL

RE: Greater Neuse awards!!!

You did forget one.....

Best GT Admirer - Waggle Right - lol

RE: Greater Neuse awards!!!

Really capital really

RE: Greater Neuse awards!!!

66 these cats funny they know what time it is!!!!!

RE: Greater Neuse awards!!!

Battling can't be serious..smh

and I guess when you recruit, hey, you get to pick the cream of the crop...GO GARNER! LOL!

Chrisharrell did I miss somebody from Knightdale?..just asking, I don't have the inside scoop, was just trying to be as REALISTIC as I could... is what it is...

RE: Greater Neuse awards!!!

^Having a little fun with ya, capital, but Trojan players should garner most of the awards for obvious reasons. The Trojans did roll through the what it is & they may be the best team in the state when all is said & done.

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