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Any update on Sanderson new coach search?

RE: Any update on Sanderson new coach search?

One of the ways you get quality assistants is if they know that being part of your program is a way to get a job as a head coach. When you can point to people who have been on your staff and have advanced, it is a big plus. It also helps young coaches work hard and learn as much as they can if they know there is a chance for advancement. You may not keep those coaches for a long period of time, but you are able to bring in some top notch people. Much of Leesville's success over the past 7-8 years has been due to the quality of the assistant coaches that have been on staff, several of whom have moved on (McGeorge, Kilby, Orbin) or moved up (Smothers) to be head coaches.

Leesville actually has more than one, teammugs. They have a veteran assistant who has been a head coach before and they have a long time assistant who is ready to take on his own program when he decides the time is right for him.

RE: Any update on Sanderson new coach search?

It amazes me that coaches stay for very long any more...I guess that's the competitive nature of them because I can't imagine that they are in it for the money...

RE: Any update on Sanderson new coach search?

Money? There is no money in high school coaching, at least not in these parts. Most coaches spend more than they make. Assistant coaches stay a long time when they don't want to be a head coach and they are happy in their jobs. Head coaches stay when they're happy--unless they get the urge for a new challenge or their family situations change. Most young coaches these days don't stay in it for long. The hours are too long and the pay is too low. They get married and have kids and don't want to be away from them for such long periods of time or they need more money than coaching can provide.

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