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Triton/D.H. Colony

RE: Triton/D.H. Colony


A co-worker of mine told me about B's...he's been there a time or fifty according to him (ECU fan). If I remember correctly, they ran a nice segment on B's several months ago, don't remember the exact date. Bill's in Wilson is my personal favorite but we're planning on getting to B's at some point. This isn't thread related but there's nothing wrong talking about football & BBQ. IMO

RE: Triton/D.H. Colony

The PIT in Raleigh is excellent. I heard that the cook there that beat Bobby Flay in a cook off is no longer there. Food is still good though. Lets not forget Wilburs in Goldsboro either. Thats some good down home BBQ also.

RE: Triton/D.H. Colony

that was the Ed Mitchell I was talking about that beat Bobby Flay. Wonder if he has retired?
its a toss up between the 2 but lots of folks here at home prefer Parkers to Bills. Can't go wrong either way. Id take Bs over the bunch including Wilburs. Highly recommended but get there early. Bout 1 the food is gone and the doors are locked!

RE: Triton/D.H. Colony


Yep...can't go wrong either way. I forgot all about Wilburs in Goldsboro, been there many times on the way to the Coast. Kings in Kinston off Hwy 70 is another good one. Been there a few times as well.

RE: Triton/D.H. Colony

Kings has a sandwich called a pig in a puppy. Basically a bbq sandwich in a huge hushpuppy instead of a bun! I never go to or from the beach without stopping for a couple!

RE: Triton/D.H. Colony

^I hear ya, buddy. We used to have our family reunions at Kings years ago. Always enjoy going back to Kinston, visiting the Neuse, etc. We steered way off the

Good luck to Hunt, jsh....very talented team you have. Cleveland is relatively new but Hunt's program reminds me of Garner in that they consistently win & put themselves in the chase each year. That's all ya can do & hope for a little luck along the way. Ready for round 2.

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