Chip Williams resigns at Scotland

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  • thatchargersfan May 6, 2012
    All Star

    He's retired completely from coaching nowhere else he's settling down.

  • oldtimecoach Apr 26, 2012
    Sports Legend

    I wouldn't be surprised if one did. There's a lot more money to make in Scotland. Don't forget, Coach Williams left Wakefield to go to Scotland.

  • ntheweeds Apr 26, 2012
    All Star

    I got information this morning that a Triangle coach inquired about the Scotland job yesterday.

  • rollo Apr 24, 2012
    Towel Boy

    Scotland is losing a lot of players. Best get out while on top.

  • ntheweeds Apr 23, 2012
    All Star

    don't believe MM is interested in the Scotland Co. job

  • scaldeddog2000 Apr 19, 2012
    Bench Warmer

    I believe the one of the Asst. Coaches will be promoted to the head job at Scotland

  • redandblack Apr 19, 2012
    Sports Legend can count on jax getting turned around this year if the rumors are true. He did it at NB and SC, and he will do it Jax.

  • clevelandfb65 Apr 18, 2012

    redandblack, I remembered your post, thought his son was at Richlands. Jax posted some good numbers at the Havelock combine last month and maybe the only team besides NB to give them a game next season.

  • cantbustem Apr 18, 2012
    Sports Legend

    No weeds...I would not care either way. I just know that he once coached there and that there may be interest.

  • redandblack Apr 18, 2012
    Sports Legend

    Where have yall been. I posted this before the playoffs last season. Rumor has it he is going to help his son in jackonsville.

  • piratefball172 Apr 18, 2012
    Sports Legend

    Fayetteville Observer reported he resigned. No one knows why

  • durhamfbfan Apr 17, 2012
    Sports Legend

    Isn't the SER job still open...I wonder.

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  • clevelandfb65 Apr 17, 2012

    I remember someone from New Bern posting before the playoffs that chip Williams would not be back at Scotland next yr. I still don't know why he left New Bern in the 1st place.
    I hope they look west instead of my school.

  • ntheweeds Apr 17, 2012
    All Star

    cantbustem...wouldn't you just love if MM bolted

  • Heyman Apr 17, 2012

    So, where is he going, anybody know?

  • teammugs Apr 17, 2012
    Sports Legend

    May as well go out on top...he's done a great job...

  • cantbustem Apr 17, 2012
    Sports Legend

    That crowd in Cleveland better get ready to pony up.

  • dfmlythr Apr 17, 2012
    Sports Legend

    It's true! I work at one of the high schools in the SEC conference, word spread like wild fire this morning soon as I stepped in the door.

  • Heyman Apr 17, 2012

    Unbelieveable, this is a joke right?

  • olecoach Apr 17, 2012


  • raiderskipper20 Apr 17, 2012
    Towel Boy

    Sources close to the situation have confirmed that Scotland head football coach Chip Williams has stepped down from his post. The longtime coach has had a very successful career which includes leading the Fighting Scots to the 2011 4-A State Championship.

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