#80 Freeman Jones- K, Bunn HS Class of 2014

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  • justkickit Jul 16, 2013

    Jones attended Chris Sailers Nike Summer Camp just north of Charlotte at Hough HS on July 15. There were 25+ athletes from several states on hand. He won the KO competition and was a camp semifinalist, highlights here:


    Chris Sailer's Event recap here:


    Thanks for looking.

  • justkickit Jun 27, 2013

    Freeman attended Chris Sailer's Top 12 Camp in Los Angelas June 21-23.

    The camp is an invite only event, with specialists in kicking, punting, and long snapping earning their invitation through performances in the Las Vegas Winter and Spring Events earlier this year. Jones was named the first member of the 2013 Top 12 in the Winter event.

    Freeman won the FG accuracy competition in LA by hitting a light post 3 times in 7 attempts. See it here:


    Top 12 Recap from Chris Sailer here:


    Thanks for looking.

  • justkickit Mar 12, 2013

    Freeman Jones has been offered and verbally commits to UNC.

  • hsfootballraleigh Jan 31, 2013
    All Star

    but let me say kickers dont get offered as much, so go to camps and get noticed, kickers are dime of a dozen and most are prefered walkons

  • justkickit Jan 25, 2013

    Freeman makes The National Event recap on the CSK channel at the 3:31 mark:


  • justkickit Jan 23, 2013

    See the footage that earned Jones the CSK 1st Top 12 member here:


  • justkickit Jan 23, 2013

    Jones attended the Chris Sailer National Kicking Event Jan 19-20 2013 in Las Vegas. He comes home to NC tied for 6th place in the FG Competition Finals, out of over 250 kickers representing nearly every state and several nations.

    A picture is worth a thousand words...


  • justkickit Jan 9, 2013

    Based on his Jr. season performance, Freeman Jones has been named to the Kohl's All American 1st Team for 2012.


    Thanks to The Bunn HS Wildcats, Head Coach Chris Miller and his Staff for their hard work and success in helping to make this possible.

  • justkickit Jan 3, 2013

    Kickoff highlights from JR season 2012 here:


    Thanks for looking.

  • justkickit Dec 13, 2012

    Working hard playing hard. Busy weekend.
    Footage from Dan Orner's Bombsquad:


    Footage from Kohls Winter Southern Showcase:


    Finalist in FG and KO Competitions in Atlanta.
    Finished 7th of 124 KO charting all classes.
    20 states represented.


    As always, thanks for looking.

  • justkickit Dec 1, 2012

    Jones is awarded All Conference in the Northern Carolina Conference for 2012.

    He has also made the All American team finalists with Kohls Kicking, in a group of talent from all classes for 2012. List here:


  • justkickit Nov 17, 2012

    In Bunn's 3rd round 2AA Playoff loss at NS Jax., Jones makes a 21 yd fg, 1/1 PAT, adds a TB, and boots a 47 yd punt inside the 10. Film here:


    Season stats:
    62 touchbacks out of 75 KO from the 40.
    51/52 PAT. Streak of 49 makes.
    9/13 FG, long of 48 (BHS record), 2 blocked.
    23 punts, 30.4 yd avg in first season punting.
    78 points scored.

    Thanks for looking.

  • justkickit Nov 10, 2012

    2nd round 2AA Playoffs, Jones makes a 43 yd FG, 4/4 PAT, and 4 touchbacks.
    Game film here:


    Thanks for looking.

  • justkickit Nov 3, 2012

    1st round 2012 playoffs, Jones contributes 10 points in the 36-0 win over N. Brunswick.
    Went 2/2 FG, 4/4 PAT, 3 touchbacks, and had 2 solo tackles.
    Highlights here:


    Thanks for looking.

  • justkickit Nov 2, 2012

    Jones is selected to the Kohls HS All American Watch List:


  • justkickit Oct 28, 2012

    Competes in the Chris Sailer Nike Fall camp at Mallard Creek HS in Charlotte. Finishes as the KO Champion and overall camp runner-up. Only Junior in the finals. One kick from earning CSK Vegas camp and being the back to back NC Nike Camp Champion. See it here:


    Thanks for looking.

  • justkickit Oct 20, 2012

    Following Corinth Holders and NW Halifax, Jones joins the 50 club in touchback season totals. Entering 6 weeks leading Kohls site nationally in TB totals. PAT streak extended to 36.

    CH footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggmaOBD8eUw&feature=channel&list=UL

    NWH footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0jerrwAn8E&feature=channel&list=UL

    Thanks for looking.

  • justkickit Oct 11, 2012

    Jones led week 4 on the Kohls Kicking homepage with 10 touchbacks.

    He has since led the past four straight weeks in the season touchback totals, now 39 of 44 being unreturnable through seven games. This is among all classes, with over 120 kickers posting their stats nationally. Mostly upperclassmen, some great athletes reporting. Leaderboard on the lower left here:


    Weekly leaders updated on Tuesdays, season leaders updated daily.

  • justkickit Oct 6, 2012

    More long ball kicking domination at the Franklinton @ Bunn game.
    Several scouts on hand to witness his strength and form. See it here:


    Thanks for looking.

  • justkickit Sep 29, 2012

    See a beauty KO through the uprights at Bunn's Homecoming vs Warren Co., along with a 43 yd FG and more here:


    Wolfpacker in the house for postgame interview.

  • justkickit Sep 25, 2012

    Watch him hit KO off and through the uprights at Roanoke Rapids:


  • justkickit Sep 14, 2012

    In a 69-0 blowout against N Johnston tonight, Jones goes 10 for 11 touchbacks one of which went clean through the uprights. Also 9/9 PAT including a 42 yarder after penalty. Pregame warmup 10/10 FG out to 55+ yards.

    Four games into the season: 23 of 24 kickoffs for touchbacks when kicking from his 40, 1 of 1 FG made of 48 yards, 14 of 15 PAT. Kickoff average over 68 yds.

    LSU and NC State have joined the hunt.

  • justkickit Sep 8, 2012

    Ohio State becomes the first school to show genuine interest in the Boot.

  • justkickit Aug 27, 2012

    One of four Juniors on the Chris Sailer watch list:


    Eight of the fifteen are already committed.

  • justkickit Aug 20, 2012

    Bunn at Rocky Mount season opener highlights here:


    48 yd FG, 7 of 8 kickoffs went for touchbacks.
    4 over 70 yds in the air.

  • Heyman Jul 25, 2012

    Come sstourist74 Kickers are part of the team too.

  • justkickit Jul 25, 2012

    Nike Summer Tour with Chris Sailer Kicking in Charlotte, NC on July 18, 2012.
    48 kickers in attendance, heat index in triple digits on the turf.
    Winner of the KO Competition, Camp Champion after a 50 yd FG make under pressure.
    See it here:


  • justkickit Jul 2, 2012

    Attends Chris Sailer Underclassmen Invite Only Event in Los Angelas CA June 30-July 1. Exceptional performance earns Boot #1 in class of 2014 ranking with Mr. Sailer.
    Congratulations Freeman, stay hungry.


  • justkickit Jun 8, 2012

    He is 16 years old making 58 yd FG with distance to spare.


  • justkickit May 25, 2012

    Dedication is rewarded. Special thanks to Dan Orner for developing the Boot.

    NCS camp 5-19 in Charlotte: Boot goes 10/10 in FG charting, long of 52 yds. KO charts 3 over 70 yds with big hang times. Longest 76 yds.

    Kohls Southern Showcase 5-20 in Atlanta: 9/10 in FG charting. Only 3 out of 77 did this. Long FG of 55 yds twice. Places 16 of 77 overall in KO, all classes. Makes finals round in both KO and FG.

    Currently ranked 1st in class of 2014 in the nation with Kohls.

  • justkickit Mar 28, 2012

    Write up in the Franklin Times:


  • justkickit Feb 3, 2012

    Rankings updated post Vegas National Event.
    Class grows to 70 kickers, Jones moves up to #4.


  • justkickit Jan 22, 2012

    Attends National Kicking Event in Las Vegas NV Jan 14-15, 2012 hosted by Chris Sailer. Returns home sharing 1st place out of 31 in Class of 2014 in the Kickoff Competition. Average distance 63.8 yds on 6 kicks with 3.56 second hangtime. Longest ball nearly 70 yards.


  • justkickit Dec 22, 2011

    Moves up in the rankings to #6 out of 55 in Class of 2014 by Chris Sailer.


  • Garnerwolf1 Dec 19, 2011
    All Star

    What's the point of this thread? I get he's a SO. and already a very accomplished kicker, but other than to hype him and him alone...? I must be missing something. Doesn't seem there is anything here to discuss.

  • justkickit Dec 19, 2011

    Video up on youtube of Sophomore season. Search : Freeman Jones 80" or go to:


  • rlee1117 Dec 11, 2011

    as a fan of Garner first Bunn second Nash Central third congrat to this young guy keep working to got even better N.C. STATE I BET COULD USE HIM!!

  • justkickit Dec 1, 2011

    Boot hits a pair of 50+ yarders this week for teacher on request.

  • childplease Nov 27, 2011


  • GTrojan18 Nov 27, 2011


    Just cause a kid can kick doesn't mean he will get a scholarship. Their are plenty of kids nationewide that can kick and maybe at most 5 out of thousands will get a scholarship to play in college and most of the rest that end up playing in college walk on to a team. Get the fact straight.

  • justkickit Nov 19, 2011

    Third round of playoffs: 4 of 6 PAT, 2 blocked. 1 successful onside kick, 2 tackles, and a 32 yd game winning FG attempt blocked with 9 seconds to play in regulation. Bunn loses a thriller to top seeded Kinston 46-47 after unsuccessfully converting the point after for 2 and the win in OT.

    77 of 82 PAT, (5 blocked) 11 touchbacks, 3 onside kicks, 2 tackles, and 3 of 7 FG attempted (1 blocked). Completed FG of 32, 37, 38 yds; missed 35, 38, and 47 yds.

  • justkickit Nov 12, 2011

    Second round of playoffs: New personal single game best with 9 of 9 PAT. 1 touchback, 1 successful onside kick early in 63-33 rout of Northeastern. Now 73 of 76 PAT (3 blocked), 11 touchbacks.

  • 3forme Nov 8, 2011

    If a kid can kick he can get a scholarship...

  • justkickit Nov 8, 2011

    sstourist 74:
    I can see how you might reach that conclusion, but I will assure you that you're mistaken.
    Kickers are like life jackets, nobody thinks much about them until they are needed.
    Hopefully the team you support has one that will be there for you when he is needed the most.

  • sstourist74 Nov 6, 2011
    Towel Boy

    Stop creating new profiles and adding more junk to the forum. Nobody cares about kickers.

  • justkickit Nov 6, 2011

    We are anxious to host Northeastern, as your easily team knocked us out last year in the 3rd round of the playoffs in Elizabeth City. I believe we saw your kicker Sunshine at the Rocky Mount camp early this summer. He was a tall, lean athlete, and a very capable kicker. Have a safe trip here, see you Friday!

  • ncarolinagoob Nov 5, 2011
    Towel Boy

    can't wait to see how good he is,we will be coming up from eliz city,to watch northeastern play you guys,i dont think will win but anything could happen. we also have a really good kicker in brandon "sunshine" swain,who has been to kicking camps in the off season,and will definately be playing for someone in college

  • grammy27520 Nov 5, 2011
    Towel Boy

    What a kicker! He is so awesome to watch. I get so excited watching his team play and enjoy being at the games. It is rare he misses a kick, has had only a couple blocked all season and his punts are incredible! The only thing I can add is....He makes me proud! Keep going Freeman and someday I'll bet you get a scholarship. Truly amazing.

  • justkickit Nov 5, 2011

    First round of playoffs: powered a 38yd FG through a heavy crosswind, 4 of 5 PAT (1 blocked), 1 touchback. Now 64 of 67 PAT (3 blocked), 10 touchbacks. Advances to 2nd round.

  • justkickit Nov 3, 2011

    Coaches, he is registered and verified with the NCSA for your convenience.


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