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HSOT Today

Strong steps down as Ashe County coach

Published: 2011-12-08 18:20:50
Updated: 2011-12-08 18:20:50

Dec 8, 2011

NCHSAA Football - Generic Graphic

NCHSAA Football - Generic Graphic

Bill Strong, the veteran head football coach at Ashe County High School, is stepping down.

The 60-year-old football coach has tendered his resignation, saying it was time for a change. Strong's resignation is effective Jan. 1. He will continue to teach weight training classes until the Christmas break. Principal Jason Krider said he is already working to secure Strong's replacement.

Strong completed his sixth season this past fall, leading the Huskies to a 6-6 record and a ninth consecutive playoff berth. Strong is the only head coach to lead Ashe to a playoff win and never had a losing record in Mountain Valley Conference play.

“I congratulate Coach Strong on his retirement,” said Ashe athletics director Marc Payne. “Ashe County High School has been very fortunate to have a man of his integrity, leadership and knowledge. The community has benefitted, the coaches have benefitted and the players have benefitted.”

Strong's teams posted 211 wins and 14 league titles in his 34 seasons as a head football coach. He began his career at Tazewell High (Va.), assisting football and basketball teams and serving as head coach of the baseball team. He took the head coaching job at what was then Independence High (Va.) and later became Grayson County High, leading the football team for 28 years.

Strong's teams at Ashe were 41-32 overall, 29-13 in MVC games and 1-7 in the postseason.

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