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Carolina Preps on

NC teams don't fare well against out-of-state foes

Published: 2011-09-13 11:04:47
Updated: 2011-09-13 11:04:47

Sep 13, 2011

Dunbar (DC) vs. Southern Durham (Sept. 10, 2011)

#6 Jeremy Thompson makes a tackle for a loss during Southern Durham High School's 42-28 loss to Jack Britt High School on Friday, Sept. 2. (photo by Will Okun)

It’s not a rare occurrence when teams play an occasional game against an out-of-state opponent. Some schools do it simply by necessity while others do it for a challenge, but last week was a rare instance where 14 teams faced unfamiliar foes from outside of the Tar Heel State.

Last week’s games were more than just facing a local team that just happens to be across the state line, several schools traveled hundreds of miles across several states to face North Carolina teams.

Barron-Collier High School from Naples, FL made the longest trip last week traveling 736 miles one way to face Pinecrest High School. If you wonder what the connection is that would bring a team from the southern tip of Florida to

Southern Pines, Pinecrest head coach Chris Metzger previously coached in Naples, Fla. Barron-Collier is scheduled to return to Pinecrest again next season.

Choctaw Central High School made the second longest trip coming 457 miles from Philadelphia, Miss., to play Cherokee. This game has a completely different dynamic as Choctaw Central and Cherokee are arch-rivals.

Like Cherokee, Choctaw Central High School is on an Indian Reservation and the annual game is battle between the tribes.

University Christian High School traveled from Jacksonville, Fla., on Saturday to face North Rowan in a double-header that also featured 3-time defending 3A champions West Rowan against South Pointe High School from Rock Hill, S.C.

Southern Durham got in on the action by hosting Dunbar High School from Washington, D.C., on Saturday night at Durham County Stadium.

While most of the games were very competitive, the North Carolina teams didn’t fare well against the out-of-state visitors. In all, North Carolina won 5-of-14 games.

Southern Durham lost in overtime to Dunbar 34-28 while Pinecrest lost a second half lead to fall to Barron-Collier 27-15.

West Rowan who earlier this year held the nation’s longest winning streak fell to 2-2 when they lost to South Pointe, a perennial championship contender 23-9. Turnovers and mistakes were the Falcons downfall in that closely contested game.

Cherokee defeated Choctaw 26-20 to get North Carolina in the winners’ column. Hayesville, Fairmont, Gates County, and South Brunswick also notched wins.

Below is the full list of teams that competed against out-of-state teams.

Chesterfield (S.C.) 48-21 over Anson County
University Christian (Fla.) 28-15 over North Rowan
South Pointe (S.C.) 23-9 over North Rowan
Dunbar (D.C.) 34-28 over Southern Durham
Barron-Collier (Fla.) 27-15 over Pinecrest
Dan River (Va.) 34-12 over Bartlett-Yancey
Cherokee 26-20 over Choctaw Central (Miss.)
Gates County 28-15 over Atlantic Shores (Va.)
Halifax (Va.) over Person 26-25
Hayesville 40-14 over Rabun Gap (Ga.)
Fairmont 41-19 over Lake View (S.C.)
Landrum (S.C.) 21-14 over Polk County
South Brunswick 28-20 over North Myrtle Beach (S.C.)
Elizabethton (Tenn.) 21-0 over Tuscola

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Most of the interstate games tend to cross border games. Look at what Scotland County did to Marlboro County this year. The good teams rarely play interstate games. Some should play more interstate games to give NC high school football more credibility and stature. A great candidate to play some good teams in SC is Richmond County. Typically they have to travel to Charlotte to find equal competition. Byrnes, Rock Hill and South Pointe are a just little farther down the highway. Maryville, TN would be a good trip for some good Charlotte teams.
September 14, 2011 1:39 p.m.
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