Pop Warner 400x300HighSchoolOT.com is teaming up with the Consolidated Football Federation, the local Pop Warner league, to provide a place to spotlight youth football.

The new section will provide a place for parents and coaches to upload their photos to HighSchoolOT.com, view schedules and standings, as well as submit game stories and team news.

HighSchoolOT.com believes youth football in the Triangle area is where future high school stars are made. By spotlighting youth football, it is our hope that we can help raise the level of football played in the area. Good luck to all area teams this year.

Submitting Stories

To submit stories and news please send an e-mail to ncsportsreport@aol.com. If you have cancellations, postponements or other information, such as when to register, we will be happy to post that information as well. League administrators may add the address to their distribution list for e-mail news as well.

Uploading Photos

We have made it simple and easy for you to upload photos. All you have to do is use this form, find your picture, and upload it. Be sure to title the picture and caption it. In the caption, be sure to include the team name and division!