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Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

Greensboro Day is better then Millbrook too.

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

I don't have excuses for Apex. I was responding to your comment silkyblue when you claimed Millbrook beat every team by 22-36 points. Just letting you know it is not true. As stated I would love to see Apex play Millbrook so we can hush the doubters for good. Also, don't get it twisted. Millbrook will not walk all over Panther Creek. Panther Creek likes to run too. Who ever has the best outside shooters will win the game.

For those fans who never played the game at this level or higher, any team ranked in the top 20 has a chance to beat anyone on the court!

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

@ bbwjmr2 doubters? last time I checked Millbrook beat Apex last. Until Apex beats Millbrook, Millbrook is the better team.

I also believe Panther Creek can run, The argument that was made for Millbrook was about their defense and how deep they were. Millbrooks Defense forces about 40-50 points off transition from defense, the other 20-40 come from offense. Yep, Should be a close one! SMH! If panther Creek squeezes this out they deserve it!

Greensboro Day?!?! Really? NEXT!

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

EAST- If Clayton gets more than just Gary, they'll roll past Apex. If not, expect something similar to Friday night.

Millbrook will roll past PC- At least a 18 point win. Juan can score like crazy, Nubian has a nice post presence and can shoot it a bit, Jaqueez can put some points up as well. Not a chance their production meets that of Brown (30 on Friday night), both Clemons, and Goldsmith not to mention the other 8 guys who find the score sheet on a nightly basis.

Predictions- Millbrook 84-62 over PC
Clayton 72-68 over Apex

As for the west, I will be seeing what they have to offer tonight. Page is very good. Jeremy Harris is an elite wing and they have two of the best guards in the state. Their 4th leading scorer is 6'7 240 and boasts 14+ a game in Hill-Mais... their very talented but don't doubt Lake Norman's size or Santa Ana on Ardrey Kell, he is a great all-around player. West Charlotte isn't a 20 seed, it's just the disadvantage of Charlotte schools... they all beat each other... The west should have a lot of talent coming into Reynolds next week. I think that it's either West Charlotte or Lake Norman but I would love to see Page...

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

The Lake Norman/Ardrey Kell game was boring, until the final minute. AK gave it away missing the front end of three different 1 & 1s in the final minute.
W Charlotte/Page is going to have all the fire works. Both very skilled, both very fast, both with 4+ D1 kids.
On paper, the winner of WC/Page will be favored to win it all. That said, Lake Norman has some mid matches on the floor. If they can find a way to dictate pace, they may have a chance. Page/W Charlotte winner will be easy money as state champion though

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

Millbrook and Clayton

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

Millbrook is loaded with good depth. I see them handling PC fairly easily, but I wouldn't be surprised if PC makes the game tight for a while until Millbrook pulls away late 3rd early 4th.

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

Good luck to the COMETS and Coach Medlin this weekend! Representing the GNRC!!!


RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

Congratulations to the Apex Cougars on their win over Clayton tonight. Clayton could not hit a FREE throw if their lives depended on it tonight. With almost 20 seconds left in regulation the game was tied and Clayton had the ball coming out of a timeout. They then waited too long to try and get the ball in to Clark and ended up with off balance shot that went off the side of the rim and sent the game in to OT. Apex won this game by making FREE throws in the OT period. If I counted them correctly Clayton missed 15 FTS and only had 7 shots from 3 point land of which they made 1. Apex did the same thing to Clark that Broughton did last week, they doubled him up. Only tonight the Comets did not have that outside support from their shooting guards. Good luck the rest of the Cougars.

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

Have said all season Clayton's supporting cast not good enough to get to final four in state. Different year, same result. Clark has had nice career, think hell be solid player at Cincy. Clayton hoops goes back to being Medlin of the conference.

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