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Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

State sure can use TJ Evans.

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

looking at the other side of the bracket, who do you guys think out West can give these teams in the East the most trouble?

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

Page or Lake Norman

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

Millbrook should represent the East...

Apex has beaten Clayton already, but I think Clayton wins this one. That said I would never count David Neal out of any game, winner take all.

Panther Creek has had a great run and kudos on the New Hanover win...

Millbrook defense is just too much for all teams left. The only team left, that plays a style to disrupt Millbrook is Apex, and those two teams wont play...

That said, Page or West Charlotte (Nakia Rivers being back is a HUGE boost) will win it all...

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

On the West I think it will be page. W. Charlotte lost alot last year and pretty much becuase of seeding each game they win is pretty much an upset. Millbrook over Page 16+. Goldsmith will have a great game and open it up for Millbrooks bigs inside. Chris Clemons will also help open up the floor. Page has not faced a defense like Millbrooks this year. Looking forward to great games from everyone.

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

Silky, I assume you have not seen W Charlotte this season...

They have 6'8 Simeon Carter, 6'4 Austin Harris, and 6' Trey Foster returning as starters off that team last year. They had 6'2 Malik Massey, starting PG at Vance last year, transfer in. They also have Mike Boone and Isiah Blackmon as key reserves off last years team.

That said, back is the lynchpin 5'11 Nakia Rivers, who missed most of the season with various issues, but (in my opinion) is the team's best player.

Haha, so this is me giving you way to much information to tell you my point. West Charlotte team plays the exact same defensive style that Millbrook does, and does it with quicker athletes.

That said, Winston Salem Prep and Trinity Christian both also employ a defensive scheme similar to what Millbrook does.

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

Millbrook can't compete with trinity

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

Apex lost to Millbrook the first time they met. The final score was 47-60. Coach Neil benched three of his starters in the first game. Apex played their worst game against Millbrook this year. I would love to see Apex play Millbrook so everyone can truly see how talented Apex is this year.

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

@ bruiser mcgee you are correct I haven't seen W Charlotte this year just going off seed rankings, to run the "same" defense as Millbrook with "quicker" players I would think they would have been more than a #20 seed. So as I stated before any game W, Charlotte has won this playoffs has been an upset being a #20 seed.

As far as the comparison to Winston Salem Prep and Trinity Christian, No comment, They have nothing to do with the 4A Bracket. What team mentioned other than Millbrook goes 11-12 deep during a game. Proving my point that NO TEAM in the State is DEEPER than Millbrook.

@ bbwjmr2 Apex Lost because a few players were late and didn't start? They did play. When Millbrook lost to Apex in the Playoffs last year it was no excuses. A team is who you put on the floor. Everyone sees how talented Apex is by the overall record. If they win Friday they will see Millbrook Saturday along with the 2 players that didn't play at all.

Apex players did not use an excuse so why are you? I guess we can learn alot from kids sometimes.

RE: Clayton/Apex and Millbrook/PC

Don't read into only the seeding of a team. A lot of variables go into a season...

Trinity and Winston Salem Prep were brought up because you said, "Page has not faced a defense like Millbrooks this year." Page played, and beat, both of these teams this year...Trinity goes 11-12 deep so does Winston Salem Prep

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