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  • 1975musty Mar 18, 2014

    coaching has to be the only job where you get all the blame and none of the credit. you are judged by biased people who are looking from the outside in. all through tainted glass. it is too easy to put the blame on the coach yet not see what they see and experience what they do on a daily basis. that is exactly what the problem is.

  • db33lockdown Mar 17, 2014

    Nobody blamed Coach when ND beat Millbrook and Garner twice and won the conference and the tourney and was ranked #1. If you think the coach had nothing to do w success and everything to do with a loss on a missed lay up and last second shot against the eventual state 4a champs then you are,, well what's the point you see and hear what you want

  • Mraau95 Mar 17, 2014
    Sports Legend

    @1975musty I saw panther creek play 4 times this season...yes they were overrated. I saw them get pounded when they played northern in the mlk round Robbin back in January . Yes they did make regionals but that's just the luck of the draw when it comes to pairings. Not taking anything away from PC they were just a tad more than advertised.

  • jjfanofhoops Mar 17, 2014

    You gotta be kidding me man, so no coach has ever played favorites. You
    obviously never saw a Northern game this year. Man I left the Jordan loss wondering how much some parents payed for their kids to play. Stevie Wonder could see what was going on at Northern.
    Musty you starting to sound like one of the Northern coaches. Sorry I offended you man, my bad.
    If not a coach maybe you just a good ole boy.

  • 1975musty Mar 17, 2014

    if you coached then you know every missed FT every missed layup, every missed boxout every missed defensive assignment is why the TEAM lost. the coach plays who earns his trust. he wants to win also. get off your high horse and quit blaming only the coach. it takes the entire team to win. ask apex what a quality team can do.

  • 1975musty Mar 17, 2014

    mraau not sure how you can call panther creek overrated. overrated would mean everyone giving them accolades and then they not go far in the playoffs. panther creek made it to the 3rd round. that means they were just plain good. anytime you have good guard play then you have a chance and their guards were good and Munoz was great!

    jjhoops you should never blame a coach for doing what he thinks is best in a situation. he knows his players and trust them otherwise he would have called that time out. if they win it makes him a genius. they lose you criticize them. you sound like a disgruntled parent or someone who fancies himself a coach. so very easy to complain after the fact. no fan has ever been wrong after the game has ended.

  • jjfanofhoops Mar 17, 2014

    I agree Northern was impressive and had the manpower to pull off a State Championship but I disagree that the Coach was the best.
    I think he cost his team a chance to move on, yes bad decision at the end. Northern's coach does not know how to make adjustments in his line-up to match opponents strenghths. He found himself out matched at a couple spots and did not go with his players that could handle either Wells or Evans. Just one or two better coaching decisions would have completely changed the outcome. A great coach would have called a time out at the end to slow the ball down.
    I think he was blessed this year to have a couple of the better players in the area. Let's give credit to the players for the years they spent in this game, these boys been playing since they were little. Northern's coach had nothing to do with the work they put in for the last 12/13 years.
    Kentrell is the best player in the triangle, I saw the kid at the Y almost everyday working. Ricky's dad been training him his whole life, let's give the credit to these kids and their families. I think the Coach cost them a championship.

    Let's give Apex some respect, they beat some great teams to get the title. Congratulations.

  • Mraau95 Mar 16, 2014
    Sports Legend

    Most impressive- Northern by far...a poor decision kept them from winning a state title
    Over rated- Panther creek....I've seen them play 4 times this season and how they made it as far as they did I have no clue
    Best player- ketrell Barkley ....this kid is the real deal and he still has another yr
    Best coach- northern's coach
    Biggest disappointment- Hillside.....they didn't show up till the end of the season but overall they were a let down
    @tigernation you guys were the best team 3A and down......4A wise u wouldn't have beat hillside again if u had to play(their pg didn't play in the hsot) southeast is a better team than y'all and Myers park would have beaten u by at least 15...not taking away from anything coach Noris did this season because I've seen your girls play and I was very impressed but you're number 4 behind Myers Park, southeast and Ardrey Kell...remember theirs a reason u guys aren't in a national poll but hey I'm a firm believer in head to head games so until either of those contests happen it's just talk but congrats on your state title tho

  • heelraiser3 Mar 12, 2014

    Waggle couldn't agree more.

  • Broadway Joe Mar 12, 2014
    Sports Legend

    @heelraiser1. These kids watch way too much NBA ball. Lets have a lot less show and more playing ball. I still say that AAU ball creates a lot of this individualism in these kids.

  • heelraiser1 Mar 10, 2014

    I only saw the PC kid once and Evans a few times, but if I were starting a team I would take Evans 3 times before the PC kid once.

    PC kid wants everyone on the floor and in the stands that he is in the game and I am not a fan of that. Just play the game.

  • jjfanofhoops Mar 10, 2014

    I agree Wells is gifted and you make valid points regarding the other two. I was hoping others would give their opinions which is why I asked nineonenine for his choice.
    It would be interesting to see which of them lead in assist not who scored the most.

  • bbwjmr2 Mar 10, 2014
    Bench Warmer

    TJ Wells should be on the list. He is the best pure point guard I have seen in the area. He thinks of his team first then looks to score. He gets to the paint when he wants to. He beats triple teams whenever he feels like it. He blocks shots. Steals the ball and never looks to be the hero. He is the definition of a point guard. Juan and Quentin are offensive minded guards. They should move to the shooting guard position.

    Even Joel Berry's (UNC recruit) family said TJ Wells was the best point guard to ever play him man to man.

  • Orange County Mar 10, 2014
    All Star

    Chapel Hill Tigers Womens Basketball, undefeated, playing for a state championship for the second year in a row

    Coach Sherry Norris going for her 2nd state championship

    This is the best team in the state, great season and great job

  • jjfanofhoops Mar 10, 2014

    @waggle right
    I agree Evans should be on the list.
    If yiou consider what Boyd has done the past couple of weeks you have to add him.
    Please share what guard in the 919 you feel deserves it over Munoz.
    Barkley 2nd team really man come on, he was the PAC6. most impressive-Apex...over rated-Agree Hillside and Kithcart

    I got a good laugh reading All Conference for PAC6 yesterday, especially the honorable mentions. You can tell what coaches voted based on the list, it is comical. Now I see why some coaches don't report stats to MaxPreps, man this is too funny. What are your thoughts on Barkley and Council as Co-POY.

  • 1975musty Mar 10, 2014

    919hoops munoz completely changed other teams schemes. he was double teamed all game and it never phased him. if he doesnt deserve 1st team then the team shouldnt exist.

  • Broadway Joe Mar 9, 2014
    Sports Legend

    How could you leave TJ Evans off of a All 919 team?

  • nineoneninehoops Mar 9, 2014
    Towel Boy

    Juan Munoz 1st team? lol

  • bbwjmr2 Mar 9, 2014
    Bench Warmer

    Two more clueless people. You were right with only one choice you made; Gary Clark. The rest of your choices were based on you being a fan of those guys not on facts.

  • Ballislife12 Mar 9, 2014
    Bench Warmer

    Completely agree with everything above^

  • bruiser mcgee Mar 3, 2014

    Most Impressive

    Over Rated

    Best Player
    Gary Clark of Clayton

    Best Coaching Job
    Eddie Gray of Garner (2nd half turn around was great, youth learned)
    Scott McInnis of Millbrook (coach of the best team)

    Best Player out of Nowhere
    Jerome Robinson of Broughton Kentrell Barkley or Northern Durham

    All 919 Team 1st Chris Clemons Millbrook Quentin Jackson Word of God Gary Clark Clayton Ricky Council Northern Juan Munoz Panther Creek

    2nd Kentrell Barkley Northern Ronshad Shabazz Knightdale Jerome Robinson Broughton David Reynolds Ravenscroft TJ Wells Apex

  • Ballislife12 Feb 22, 2014
    Bench Warmer

    who was the most impressive? who was the most overrated coming into the season? and anything emse you'd like to add as the regular season came to an end last night!

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