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Basketball Recruiting

Basketball Recruiting

In basketball, how are most recruited players found? Is it through the high school or via the AAU circuit?

For example, did Cincinnati find Gary Clark through Clayton HS or was interest first generated in him during play on the AAU circuit?

Trying to get a general sense with some of your experiences, thoughts, and opinions.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

All I know is in this area if youre good enough they'll find you. But all the top espn recruits are constantly at camps, showcases and tournaments. Look at what the holliday tournament did for Dennis Smith Jr. Got the sophomore and offer from NCSU.

Recruits needs video on the internet for people to pass around how good he is. Go pick a random top ranked espn recruit, type his name on youtube and see all the videos come up.

Then you look at Northern's senior Ricky Council, who I think is in the top 10 in the state, he has no offers and you look him up on youtube, theres like 1 video and its not just him its a team.

You particularly asked how are players found, the players need to get videos out there to catch attention. They need to play in exposure at showcases etc.

The biggest way to get noticed is simply... to have something rare. If you're a 6'4 post player because you're the biggest on your team, you better develop a mid-range and perimeter game. You have people like Jabari Parker who are 6'8 230lbs and can handle the ball better than most point guards, shoot better than most shooting guards and rebound better than most post.

BOTTOM LINE: Former Wolfpack basketball player Avie Lester once told me, if you are a divison 1 prospect, they will find you, whether its from a friend's brother's in-law, or a scout just so happened to walk in your game to watch someone on the opposing team.

I wish the kids in our area had more national exposure, the kids in the triangle can ball, ask Kentucky Commit Devin Booker and the #1 Sophomore Seventh Woods, theyre teams lost to every wake team they played at the holliday tournament.

RE: Basketball Recruiting


RE: Basketball Recruiting

Clark's play with CP3 is what got him the offer and got him National Attention.
He was huge at this past summers Nike Peach Jam.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

college coaches don't use utube videos to identify players. i can make a highlight video of anyone and make them look D1

RE: Basketball Recruiting

Good points. So,what is the role of the high school coach in recruiting? To spark the interest (send film, cold calls to programs) or assist after a college becomes interested?

I don't want to limit this to D1 schools. This is any college that offer athletic scholarships in basketball.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

Yeah, Gary Clark playing in Nike EYBL with CP3 was big for his recruitment! Then those scouts come see him at Clayton dominating is what generates the offers!

Showcases are major too.

Wayment! Did you say Ricky Council has NO offers? How about Apex' TJ Evans?

RE: Basketball Recruiting

R Council has some offers..don't be surprise if he signs big-time in the late signing period..stay tune!!

RE: Basketball Recruiting

If you are good enough to play high major ball you will be found. Otto Porter, top 3 NBA draft pick, never played AAU ball. Lived in the Midwest and played only high school ball for his dad who was the coach. Obviously he was good enough and Gtown found him.

If you are a low D1 or a D2/D3 guy a combination of everything helps. High school coaches can reach out to contacts they have at smaller colleges. That's why it is good if the high school staff has some sort of Bball experience/connections with college programs. Also getting out and playing at AAU events, team camps that colleges might host on campus etc.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

I think people get "AAU" basketball and travel/showcase/exposure basketball mixed up. Not everyone that goes to showcases and plays travel basketball plays AAU.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

For our kids it has been the Grassroots exposure. Our kids get the attention during the spring and summer and once they get to High School season they already have offers or serious interest. High School helps our kids stand out from the other players on their team that is not gaining the experience of an competitive Grassroots season. High School season gives our kids local main stream coverage like High School OT. Our kids have been blessed to receive both local and national attention. I have a list of our kids that I know because of Grassroots season they are at D1 colleges:

TJ Warren - NC State, Terry Henderson - West Virgina, Denzel Ingram - Charlotte
Anton Gill - Louisville, Isaiah Hicks - UNC, Tyrone Outlaw - UNC-G,
Quinton Ray - Campbell, Aaron Tate - Oral Roberts, Garrius Adams - Miami,
Tom Tankelewicz - Western Carolina, Isaac Copeland - Georgetown - Remember Isaac lost a whole season at Ravenscroft, Austin Burnette - Rutgers,
Cam Gottfried - Sienea, Ashley Williams - Western Carolina

and we have two NBA players in David West and John Wall!!! More to come!!! Proof is in the pudding. We have the next wave of kids coming too:

Juan Munoz - Panther Creek, Cory Gensler - Cary, Jashaun Smith - Garner, Julius Barnes - Garner, Thomas Allen - Garner, Alex Reed - Garner, Nick Kuhns - Garner,
Alex Hunter - Leesville, Jerome Robinson - Broughton, Josh Carlton - South Central
Logan Vosburg - Cedar Ridge, anthony Staton - Harnett Central

Just to name a few!!! Its not hard to figure out. We been doing it for 24 years.

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