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Basketball Recruiting

RE: Basketball Recruiting

Has anyone used the NCSA Athletic Recruiting service? If so, what has been your experience?

RE: Basketball Recruiting

Had experience with it. Help get alot of contacts directly with coaches. Allows you to be able to communicate with college coaches directly without having to worry about AAU or High School coaches giving you information.

Also teaches alot about the recruiting process that AAU and High School coaches may not know or just not telling you. 2 cents

RE: Basketball Recruiting

Thanks Silkyblue

RE: Basketball Recruiting

Started a new post.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

Instead of SMH (does your neck hurt) maybe we should listen to sound advice. Probably should not talk about young people's college plans. If it makes you feel better just tell us so and so college coach likes Bojangles better than Burger King. That way we'll know you are IN with all the college coaches.

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