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Basketball Recruiting

RE: Basketball Recruiting

@ dwest2 just saw your post. You right Facts R Facts, Way to claim credit for EVERYONE that played in GR, Way to claim the ones that played 8U with you for just one year that ended up at a D1 college, or 11-12U 1 year that even went on to play Pro ball. Yep all thanks to GR. Yeah over 200 kids, My boy played for GR 8U 1 year, I bet you will be claiming him next year!?!? Facts are Facts. I guess you don't claim the DTae situation in which you all wanted him to commit and sign to App State so you could use him to recruit for the program either, when it was never a good situation for him to start with. All everyone heard was "We got DTae signed with App STate" Yep, GR the perfect program! KUDOS! Next time you recruit for the GR try it without using JWall's Name since he only gives credit to D-ONE/PROSPECTS who he was with after that 1 year stint. Accountability is also a good trait to have also, try using that one! LOL!

@ cutty102306 Please read you response again then you may see how slow you seem stating what the high school coaches don't have access too SMH! SMH! SMH! Yep GR the mecca for also! LOL!

Your also right about the time GRoad spends on the phone, even when a kid is already signed to a school when it's illegal. I guess you still have alot to learn about NCAA rules! SMH!

No program is perfect, people have come to GR, left and come back in many cases as they do with alot of programs. If you look at the major programs in the area, GROAD, JUICE, SEBL they numbers are the same for the times they have been around.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

I love how people claim to know absolutely everything on these posts but yet know absolutely nothing. TJ Evans has not turned down any offers nor has he ever said he only wants to only be a 2. He is currently exploring his options and when he decides what he wants to do, the people that matter will be the ones to know.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

Forgive me for saying what I said above out of frustration for seeing many things over the years written from people who state their assumptions as facts when they do not know 100% if its true and that includes many different people and many different subjects. Please consider the people that you are writing about when you posts things. If its your opinion than thats your opinion but if you do not not know 100% if its true, please do not write it. When TJ makes his decision, he will let everyone know. Thank you.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

I appreciate TJ's game and remember when he was running with James Zimmerman/Tyree Mayo of Bull City Select. A great kid from what I remember. As a basketball junkie, recognizing his accomplishments while remaining loyal to Apex, I was just was interested in what school's were recruiting him.

At the end of the day, after careful consideration, I'm sure he and his family will make the decision best suited for his future.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

@ evanstina91 by no means am I or do I even intend to downgrade a student athlete. I do know TJ personally and I know you do also and even better, and personally I know he is one of if not the hardest working players I have seen in this area since I have lived here the last 10 years. I do know last year he has had TONS of interest and all of the sudden that interest has not been as great as before at least publicly.

For whatever reason no one knows but the schools recruiting him. I also know two weeks ago I spoke to a coach that said they had alot of interest in him and he told them something along those lines. whether true or not, not sure that the coach had any reason to lie or he may have just paraphrased what he FELT he got from the conversation.

As far as claims, I do know on Saturday and Sunday nights he was still working out on improving every aspect of his game and will probably be in the gym this weekend also doing the same thing. For this kid it literally is NO DAYS OFF! I wish other kids worked as hard as him.

I wish nothing but the most for TJ and just hope he achieves him dream. He just checked one off last weekend! Now off to the next!

RE: Basketball Recruiting

Thank you I appreciate it...I just do not want stuff put out there that not 100% accurate, that he is denying offeres or being picky when that is not the case...he is trying to figure out what is best for him at the moment. An that really goes for to all athelets and things said about them on these posts.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

evanstina91 - No need to worry. No one of any importance in the basketball world reads these forums. What anyone says about TJ in this forum will make no difference if he is recruited or not. Im sure its frustrating to read lies and misrepresentations about TJ but don't stress at all. Its just a bunch a HS hoop fanatics writing about the local HS hoops scene.

These guys like Silkyblue write things about TJ to make themselves feel important. Unless he is in TJ's house I don't know how he can say, "For his hight most schools want him to be a 1, he only wants to be a 2. For the ones that have offered he just tells them Thanks for the love, but no thanks."

TJ was a great HS player and was amazing on the road to winning the State Championship. One of my fav players in the last few years.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

I wasn't saying they don't have access to it but to the fact that a lot of high school coaches don't have the info ready for coaches which I have witnessed first hand in high schools. Make no mistake I wasn't giving either side an upper hand on recruiting but both have good and bad when it comes to the topic of recruiting. A lot of colleges learn real quick that SOME high school coaches don't have an understanding of recruitment so they find someone else connected to the kid who does. Yes only high school coaches have complete access to grades and transcripts but that's old thinking now...a parent can pull up grades on their iphone if need be and all a student has to do is walk to student services and retrieve their own unofficial transcript. I too had kids in GROAD and yes they received scholarships but I give the credit to God first and ALL of the coaches who coached my kids throughout their various sports. It takes a village when recruiting is the goal and a lot of people play various roles for each individual student-athlete.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

evanstina91 - please disregard anything on this forum about TJ trianglehoopfan is right this forum gives little people an opportunity to run off at the mouth about someone's child when they know nothing about the kid at all. My kid played with TJ some years ago in AAU and we are proud of him no matter what school does or doesn't want him. Congrats to TJ and the whole APEX program for a job well done

RE: Basketball Recruiting

I guess that why we are all on here entering responses! WE ARE ALL LITTLE PEOPLE! SMH!

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