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Basketball Recruiting

RE: Basketball Recruiting


RE: Basketball Recruiting


RE: Basketball Recruiting

Ricky Council actually has 13 offers...

Various ways that colleges hear about kids:
AAU is a big way, especially on the national showcase circuits (shoe sponsored teams). If you are not able to get on a "Shoe Team" make sure your team attends event that will be well attended. Know the live periods and make sure you are in good events during them. Try out for multiple teams, also...

Local and Regional Scouts play a major factor in kids being seen. These guys have schools that subscribe to their service and talk with college coaches on a daily basis, regionally guys like Phenom Hoops and Bob Gibbons and locally guys Mike Talbott and Bob Smith. For the people who say "they will find you" these guys are typically reasons why.

Showcase events are a big way to get your name out. The good ones are well covered by many scouts. With the rules so strict on D1 schools, the amount of scouts in attendance is paramount to get your name circulated. Also, D2, D3, NAIA, and JUCO coaches have more lenient restrictions. A camp that brings them in, is good as well...

To say that colleges do not watch Youtube is simply not true.

Much of this stuff is done behind the scenes and will never be known to the general public.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

RE: Basketball Recruiting

CP3 is the best aau program in the state. good talent and good coaching. The coaching / skill development at garner rd leaves alot to be desired. Isaiah Hicks great example. Doesn't have a clue how to play defense, fouled out in 10 minutes v wake. If you can't guard wake, you've got no chance against the best teams in the league. The same deficiency has kept Anton Gill on the bench at Louisville.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

AMEN lbeck37439, AAU has become about stacking teams with just trying to run other teams out the gym. NO Fundamentals, just run and gun ball. There is a reason why each year more players are getting drafted from overseas. The numbers don't lie.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

Lots of guys are making money and the kids are not getting any better. The Top teams, those players were good before they got there.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

I have watched some AAU games and although there is talent, none of them teach defense or how to pass the ball.

To me, it looked like teams full of stat monsters only worried about getting seen.

I am of the opinion that if you are good, you will get found.

RE: Basketball Recruiting

AAU/Grassroots are becoming the biggest money pit in the triangle. People kill me on these boards. Ring off 15 names out of 2000+ kids in 24 years! WOW! That is a feat of accomplishment for a program! WCBA has gotten .04 to schools so I guess we can consider them a powerhouse basketball program also? LOL!

So pretty much your boasting about getting .03 kids to college from a "Powerhouse" grassroots/AAU program?!?!

I bet John Wall & Brian Clifton of D-ONE SPORTS even gives you a shout out from when he played with you? Anytime I've heard him interview about AAU he only mentions D ONE SPORTS. I Wonder Why?

That's sure is some good pudding right there! .03 kids in 24 years! LOL!

RE: Basketball Recruiting

This is the original question "In basketball, how are most recruited players found? Is it through the high school or via the AAU circuit?" This is our response "For our kids it has been the Grassroots exposure. Our kids get the attention during the spring and summer and once they get to High School season they already have offers or serious interest" So how did we start talking about who is the best program in the state and who getting shout outs and who don't. Us naming names is to point out the fact that the kids earned their scholarships through grassroots not to boast or brag. We respect all clubs in our state and all the people that are committed to helping kids. We are a vehicle for kids that want to play ball and learn the game.

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