Top players in Wake County? Rising seniors!!

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  • hsfootballraleigh Feb 27, 2013
    All Star

    Those are the first things I look for as a coach,
    1. Versatility
    2. Consistency
    3. Coachable

  • Silkyblue Feb 26, 2013

    LOL!@ Phanatic757 one name comes to mind! Grace Hunter!

  • Phanatic757 Feb 26, 2013
    Towel Boy

    Maybe some of those teams that didn't qualify for the State Playoffs because of "injury" should pick a few of those Girls to play on their boys team to help them win some Games . No Team that has a lot of talent shouldn't be in the top half of Their Conference.

  • Silkyblue Feb 26, 2013

    @sweetnsour13 So who is your top choice for 2014?

  • sweetnsour13 Feb 26, 2013

    IMO, top players are(no particular order):

    1) Those that show up on the other team scouting report
    2) Consistent
    3) Team first, me second
    4) Able to contribute what team needs whether it points, rebounds, assists, defense, etc.
    5) Versatile - not one dimensional

  • Silkyblue Feb 26, 2013

    So...In other words they can be an And1 type player, not make teammates better or not lead with high turnover rate. But if they Score alot or Dunk Alot they are a Top Player?

    I've seen Devante Graham play, who I consider a Top Player. One who controls tempo of the game, leads his teammates, gets numbers in assist, scoring, rebounding & makes his team better in where they get wins. If he is not in the game they are automatically assumed to lose because of that qualifies him...but he is a senior.

    What player is on D. Graham's level for 2014? To me he was the player that took the torch from Millbrook's S. Moore Class of 2012. So shouldn't the question be...

    What rising Junior or 2014 player is set to receive the torch from D. Graham of Broughton? just my 5 cents.

  • hsfootballraleigh Feb 26, 2013
    All Star

    By top player, I think of some individual who is fun to watch and will play college next year. If the team sucks, doesnt mean he isnt a top player.

  • Silkyblue Feb 26, 2013

    @everyone, What is considered a Top Player?

    A player that scores alot but team still loses?
    A player that has stats across the board,(rebounding, scoring, assist, etc) and team wins?
    A player that has an impact on the game and makes his/her team better?
    A player that has shown they are a leader even in the presence of seniors playing?
    SOME NOT ALL of the names mentioned by everyone seem to mention players that score alot, but not necessarily on a successful team. I understand that there are coaching politics but can't or shouldn't a "Top Player" be able to make teammates better to get those wins? I'm basing this on the Top Player being on the floor most the game so he/she should be able to get other players involved to get those wins.

    takes breath; LOL!

    @ teamubahoops, Seems to me that less teams are playing in AAU and moving to showcase tournaments but those same players seem to be doing better in the school programs. I think I even saw a few girls on some boys teams. One team even had two playing. Next year should be exciting!

  • Phanatic757 Feb 26, 2013
    Towel Boy

    Sanderson!!!? Hmmm... Cameron Sykes i(millbrook)Phillip Haynes (NRCA), T J Evans ( Apex), Parker Finnerman (Sanderson), Louder (Enloe), Jalen Robertson (CFA) , just to name a few..... WCBA won DI States AAU 16's as a result of the higher tier teams that dominated in the 2014 class played higher level showcase events and did not participate in AAU. Team Charlotte, United Stars,Forest City Heat, UBA, CP3, Red Storm....

  • bruiser mcgee Feb 26, 2013

    HE is not in Wake County but I would have to put Ricky Council up there...TJ Evans and Gary Clark are also very good, with Evans being one of the more efficient players I have seen...

    I would not say anyone on Sanderson is a top rising Sr. Knightdale has some underclassmen, not sure their grade, Millbrook and Leesville also have some talent come back...Corchiani is a solid PG who makes players around him better and Jaylen Robertson is very athletic...

  • basketballfanNC Feb 25, 2013

    I have to go with Gary Clark even though he is technically in Johnston County.

  • hsfootballraleigh Feb 25, 2013
    All Star

    Jaquez Hudson for Panther Creek
    TJ Evans for Apex
    Ricky Council for Northern Durham(Sorry I forgot that is not wake)
    Phillip Haynes of NRCA
    Stevian Allen and Jaylan Robertson of Word of God
    the sanderson three of course

  • BallGuru26 Feb 25, 2013

    Clark from Clayton is the best player in the area right now senior or junior.

  • Bad Azz Boyz Feb 25, 2013

    3 of the top seniors play at Sanderson and they didn't even make the watered down playoffs, WTH. Is their coach on the hot seat or what.

  • Ballislife12 Feb 24, 2013
    Bench Warmer

    Who are your top rising seniors in Wake County personally the 3 from Sanderson stick out in my eyes in PArker Fennema, Ellis Oakkey and Will Judy, they are great basketball players who started last year as Sophmores on Varsity and On WCBA 16u aau who won D1 NC states

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