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Top 2014-2016 in Cap 8

RE: Top 2014-2016 in Cap 8

Just Brian, I disagree with a lot of your post...I think Cameron Sykes will be Millbrook's key to a run...

I also disagree with the defensive aspect of your post. Defense is what keeps Millbrook in the games. If you watch a game, the coach runs the same offensive play the majority of the game. What his genius is in is calling the defensive plays.

I do agree about bringing every minute of every game...They could get blown out in the second round or they could go all the way to the finals...

RE: Top 2014-2016 in Cap 8


You are certainly entitled to your opinion and I respect that.

I only saw Millbrook when they played at Heritage and both teams missed wide open jumpers the whole night. The low scoring game was not due to defense.

If I had seen them play 7 or 8 games this year, it is quite possible I could have a different opinion.

If you have seen them play more often, then I will certainly appreciate your opinion.

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