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Wake County Conferences

RE: Wake County Conferences

you know you can play all the top teams you want, but if you dont have the team to play with them what good is it doing, and most of the time the fans always think their team can play with the top level, but they really cant.

RE: Wake County Conferences

we have the talent level to compete we just need to expose our kids to outside of wake county.

RE: Wake County Conferences

Ibecky, if you play a top team and get spanked, itll just be a reality check.

RE: Wake County Conferences

taking a few good hits helps build character and establishes a identity for the team, playing each other does nothing but build false confidence

RE: Wake County Conferences

Try getting some of those others to put you on their one wants to schedule a really tough non conference opponent in football because of the home field playoff advantage..

RE: Wake County Conferences

A lot of teams play in tournaments at Christmas time that are out of state. There are many tournaments like the Beach Ball Classic in Myrtle Beach where some teams do get experience.

However, I would be more in favor of playing local teams outside of conference. If I'm a parent, I want to be able to see my kid play as often as possible and playing out of state would limit that.

Also, speaking from experience as a high school athlete, we were an independent school and had to travel 1 hour away to 4 hours away (one way) just to play in our conference. That was not fun. I wanted to be at home with my friends after the game whether we won or lost. We have to remember these are high school kids and they are not all college prospects. There are a few good teams every year that have those college prospects but there are very few Damathas in Wake County.

Ultimately, I don't think playing out of state does anything for you and it is tough for a booster club to justify giving $5,000 for a basketball team to play one game when the softball, lacrosse, volleyball and cheerleading squads are all wearing uniforms that need to be replaced.

RE: Wake County Conferences

Just brian- well said, agree with you 100%.

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