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Greater Neuse > cap 8

Greater Neuse > cap 8

I'll take Garner, Clayton, SE & Knightdale over any team in the Cap 8.

RE: Greater Neuse > cap 8

I will respectfully disagree as I have seen every Cap 8 team and those three teams in person this year.

We will see when playoff time comes.

Good luck to all of the local teams. Would love to see a couple of state championships come home to the Triangle!

RE: Greater Neuse > cap 8

Battling, yes, please take those teams because nobody else wants them. Heritage wins it all this year!

RE: Greater Neuse > cap 8

Battling is right. Greater Neuse is a much better basketball conferenc then the Cap 8.

RE: Greater Neuse > cap 8

Clayton has a tough road trip to Knightdale tomorrow to face a team that Clayton only beat by one point on their home court.

Garner on the other hand should have an easy time with Harnett Central. A team that they beat by 20 earlier in the year.

First place will be decided tomoorow night. Garner will either be tied with Clayton or they will be by themselves in first place after tomorrow night.

RE: Greater Neuse > cap 8

Garner and Clayton maybe, the rest is wishful SE Raleigh had 3 Cap8/Tri9 games at the start of the year - they split with Enloe and got drubbed by Green Hope.

Granted it was early but they had a chance to show how they stacked up and failed.

RE: Greater Neuse > cap 8

So what about knightdale?

RE: Greater Neuse > cap 8

What do you mean Larry what's your problem with Knightdale

RE: Greater Neuse > cap 8

And y'all thought my posts were weird. It's nice to know there are others out there with random,aimless thoughts!

RE: Greater Neuse > cap 8

Have you looked at the non-conference schedules for these schools? We'll just look at the top three teams in each conference...

Clayton - Fuquay (x2), Cleveland (x2), Hunt (x2), New Hanover, Martinsville, VA, Fayetteville Acad, Butler

Garner - Northern Durham (x2), Athens, Cary, Sanderson (x2), Goldsboro, Dudley

Southeast Raleigh - Enloe (x2), Green Hope, Southern Durham (x2), Wake Forest-Rolesville, Riverside, Northern Durham

Broughton - Athens Drive, Southern Durham, New Hanover, Hoggard, Apex, Cardinal Gibbons, Cary, Person, St. Joseph, Hampton

Millbrook - Southern Durham, Knightdale, Apex, New Hanover, Northern Durham, Hoggard, Kinston, Buford, Eastside, Alpharetta

Leesville - Apex, Panther Creek, Northern Durham, Green Hope, Cary, Middle Creek, Riverside, Dudley, Goldsboro

If anyone wants to go through and get opponent records and opponent opponent records, you can do SOS/RPI, but I don't think that's necessary. The eye test will do it.

RE: Greater Neuse > cap 8

hey cutty i dont have a problem with Knightdale,they can beat any team they play on any give night.

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