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What happened to WFR

RE: What happened to WFR

logical?? He makes perfect logic.

I think what mjjohnson is referring to is the "yr round cycle" or mentality a football program may or may not promote.

Football starts in the spring and then special small group etc... rolls right into summer camps. What kid can afford to go to a BBall camp AND a football camp.... not many. If they choose football camp instead thats more lost time practicing bball. Then football starts before school even starts and at WFR they play deep into November December sometimes.

At this point they have been throwing 300lbs around daily and sprinting in 8 second intervals....never having once touched a bball since June or July. Not sure how many bball teams you have seen practice cap8fan, but that ain't conducive to creating a solid bball team.

RE: What happened to WFR

Summer practice at WFR are in the morning. There are a lot of players who go to workouts in the morning and AAU/rec league in the afternoon/evening. I know that coaches will allow players to miss a small number of summer days to do other things in the summer.

I will agree that the season is long but WFR was a second round knockout last season so players who wanted to play could. Maybe players have lost interest basketball. From what I hear, there aren't many schools have share athletes in football and basketball. Is that true?

Does the ball coach at WFR allow fball players to tryout after fball season is over?

RE: What happened to WFR

Cap8fan, I am not sure of the ratio of multi sport athletes between both sports. Probably 2-3 players in a bball program on avg. that play both. I don't think the main issue is "sharing", but more influencing the tops athlete to concentrate, not choose, but concentrate on a given sport. Some schools do more than their due diligence as a coaching staff in influencing athletes to play their sport (1st) during their freshman weight and PE classes.

As far as permission to play....absolutely. I believe WFR coaches have to let their players play what they want just like the rules state. However, maybe issues arise about "priorities, leadership etc..." when scheduling conflicts arise .... or if I have practice 3-4 hours every day in the summer a.m., it sometimes makes the choice a bit easier because they are beat up for the rest of the day. 10 minutes of playing time at AAU with 1 practice a week is not going to build a program of skilled players either.

Lets put it this way...When I was a kid my Dad said I could do a lot of things, but i had no doubt that he may be angry with me or not like the choice I made. I rarely went against that because i didn't want to have him look at me differently. To use this tactic in parenting is fine, but I don't think there is room for it this pressure in HS sports.

RE: What happened to WFR

I completely and 100% agree with you. But, I do know that Coach Lucas does not do that. He used to be the head basketball coach and head track coach when he was an assistant. That should tell you something about his overall commitment to the athletic program at WFR and not just football.

I think the kids make their own choices and I can tell you for a fact that it is not based on anything that Reggie has said. Probably more worried about kids who are at workouts getting better and taking their position is why kids decide to not to miss.

Practices in the summer are limited to 3 hours before 10am or after 5pm and I do not know a coach in the state that goes for three straight hours in the summer heat. If I am correct, WFR goes three days per week in the morning (4 if they have a 7-on-7) for 2 -2.5 hours.

The workouts are voluntary so if the player wanted to go to basketball practice later in the day, then they could. Players leave workouts and go to work all the time.

RE: What happened to WFR

"Used to be" are the key words..... he only coached bball 1 season, they had 3 wins or so?? If you are a PE teacher it is assumed that you will coach any sport they tell you too. (especially if you want the head football job someday) Thats part of your job description, not your commitment. Its just like morning or lunch duty. He made the right choice though, he's a much better fball coach.

Well I can tell you that things are not always as they seem. There has been change after change with the bball staff since Chuck Hess. (Funny that Hess was the AD too.) Since then you have had coach after coach step in and not have any success. Mark my words... you are going to see another change in the near future.

Remember - Reputation is what the world thinks; character is what it really is.

RE: What happened to WFR

So WFR looking for ANOTHER Bball coach huh.... Shocker there huh. Guesses on who??

RE: What happened to WFR

Phil Jackson

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