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RE: Coaches

What is so puzzling? Follow the rules or don't post!! This is why kids today are so out of line, they follow the adults in their life who can't follow simple rules!! If you don't like Nick or his rules start your own blog and trash whomever you please!!

Nick- Start banning people!!

RE: Coaches

Voice your opinion as you may, but DO NOT aim them at specific people....SIMPLE!!! This is a public forum for discussions not personal beefs.

RE: Coaches


We have done plenty of moderating on the football boards. As soon as something comes up that I see or is brought to our attention AND it violates our terms of use, we take action.

There is a difference in talking about a coaching decision -- going for it on fourth down, not calling a timeout before a last second shot, running the ball instead of passing -- and something personal -- calling someone a name, making unfounded accusations, etc.

Anyone on this board has the ability to click the "Report" button next to any message board topic, post or story comment. That will alert us that there is a problem and we will take the appropriate action. The only other solution is to moderate every comment before it is posted, and that will severely limit the amount of conversation users can have.

RE: Coaches

Kids are out of line because they are not taught to believe in themselves and be honest with themselves. They are not taught that honesty help all the way around. Suppressing your opinion and denying the truth creates false hope, fake friendships, and misleading actions. Kids needs to be taught the first admendment of the constitution and what it means.

I agree that this forum should be open to opinions and should have respectable mature conversation. Critism is important for growth. Honesty is important for development. Everyone I know appreciates the truth whether it hurts their feelings at that particular moment or not. Later they change or fix the problem.

I think coaches should hear what the public are thinking, and take the good with the bad. I do not think name calling is appropriate but constructive conversations with open minded mature adults. This is how I want my future leaders to compromise and think about differences.

Real Athletes accept challenges openly and turn negatives into positives. Thats why they lead in sports. Other people never make it into any leadership position because they do not except positive critism and is not true to themselves, other. Its a sad way to live, when you have a one track mind and can't open your mind to compromise or differences in opinions. That's a person who has stop growing. I hope I did not offend anyone. Have a good sports expereience everyone who reads this.

RE: Coaches

Constructive criticism doesn't come in the form of anonymous posts on a message board. If you feel that you need to provide some sort of constructive criticism, this is not the place to do it. That should be done in person.

First amendment rights don't apply to a private website either. We have the right and the responsibility to moderate this board based on our Terms of Use.

Again, this is not up for debate.

RE: Coaches

"private website either"... private? on the internet? lol

RE: Coaches

Its funny to see people try to justify their ignorance. Constructive criticism, first amendment, development, etc...Face it, its wrong...dont do it. Nick why even discuss it? Youve made your peace, they can either like it or love it. You dont have to give an explanation as to why its not allowed.

RE: Coaches

everyone has a opinion and if you can do better go apply for the jobs your complaining about and coach yourself, it's easy to crticize from the outside looking in, thats the problem with sports today too much parent involvemnt everyone is a expert and has all the solutions, go sit down and let the coaches do their job and you do yours from 9 to 5. Nicksaid no bashing cpaches or players plan and simple this is not congress and there is no democracy rules are rules follow them or go somewhere else.

RE: Coaches

Private website.... meaning maintained by a private company, not by the government. It is not publicly funded.

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