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person rockets

RE: person rockets

You are right about the confidence level of the secondary. However, Outlaw is just who he is. He cares for anyone and is a team player. He do not play with too much confidence. He just trys very a hard. Plus he comes from a very supportive, and functional family atmosphere. Almost, all members are good atheletes and academically successful. With that said He Is Awesome!!

The defense is needing work. Practice and Practice. Scoggins and Hamlett is beasty too.

RE: person rockets

Outlaw is a good player but the rest of the team is just ok and he can not do it all and no help off the bench.

RE: person rockets

Best said by you basketballmom

RE: person rockets

THE ROCKETS----They don't box out and they play lazy defense and I'm a fan!

RE: person rockets

You are right rocketfan. Plus as basketballmom and cbumphus said. The team needs help off the bench and the guards needs to hit jumpshots and layups. Stop playing scared. Outlaw can not do it all. He is scoring over half of the teams scores each games. I mean REALLY!! Guards lets help. Good Luck To All PAC-6 teams.

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