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  • justsayin1 Jan 27, 2013
    Towel Boy

    Now that I have seen every team in the conference, I can say that no team appears significantly better than any other. Why some teams are having more success than other teams is that the players have bought what the coach is selling, and thats probaly confidence that they can win,so they have found away to win even through rough patches of the game. Now, some teams like Broughton, Leesville, and Wakefield are loaded with seniors and that helped to make the difference in tight games but what Millbrooks is doing very impressive because they are not so loaded. Coaching has been the difference so far but I believe it's the players that are going to ultimately determine who wins the Cap8 conference, tournament, and which teams make the playoffs. I expect this second half to be even more exciting than the first half has been. How many more overtime games can we take ?

  • justsayin1 Dec 21, 2012
    Towel Boy

    Just like I thought, the Cap 8 so far in this early season has been very competitive and every game has been a battle. Millbrook has shown that they have no intentions on making this a rebuilding year. Broughton bounced back strong against Leesville, however, Leesville is loaded with guys who know how to play. Wakefield pulled out a gutsy win at Sanderson. Enloe has forced themselves into serious contention. WFR will not be taken lightly. Sanderson is never out of a game and fights to the end. Heritage is going to be dangerous at home so visitors beware. Look out fans we're just getting started.

  • justsayin1 Dec 14, 2012
    Towel Boy

    The Cap8 needs a satellite feed tonight just like the NFL ticket so that you don't have to miss any of tonight's action. It all starts tonight. The match ups are awesome. Broughton at Millbrook, Wakefield at Sanderson, Enloe at Leesville and Heritage vs WFR. I hope the press has enough reporters to cover all the action! Each team had better be ready to play. Home team defend your terf! Parents, students, and faculty get to the games tonight and SUPPORT,SUPPORT,SUPPORT!

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