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Carolina-12 Predictions

RE: Carolina-12 Predictions

Carrboro is back in the News & Observer top 15 metro teams at #15.

RE: Carolina-12 Predictions

Go Carrboro!!

RE: Carolina-12 Predictions

How is DSA doing? Carrborofan I know you all are ok. LOL! Anyone knows how #15 is doing at his new school? I have been out of touch with everything lately. What about Franklin?

RE: Carolina-12 Predictions

DSA lost tonight to Northwood. It was a close game they only lost by 3 pts. They were down by 27 at one point and then they just came up the ladder. Alot of free throws were missed by NorthWood, who had alot of tall players. I'm proud of DSA!

I saw Aaron ex player of DSA, that transferred to Northern and he went to give the team love. Everyone responded positively except the coach who refused his hand when he reached out.

Carrboro is still holding the #1 position in the Carolina 12.
Durham School of the Arts is 2nd
Northwood is 3rd
Cedar Ridge is 4th

All teams have worked hard and I wish all of them much luck

RE: Carolina-12 Predictions

Actually, I think South Granville is 4th, unless DSA beat them on Friday night. Have not seen a score for that game yet. Cedar Ridge has dropped to 7th, behind River Mill Academy (5th) and Voyager Academy (6th). Franklin Academy is 8th. DSA has a tough road ahead for the end of its season--have to play Northwood, Carrboro and South Granville again.

RE: Carolina-12 Predictions

Carrborosuperfan DSA played Northwood on Saturday, Northwood beat the game. Friday's game resulted in a win for DSA.

Northwood is 8-0
Cedar Ridge
DSA is in 4th

RE: Carolina-12 Predictions

Good win on Friday for DSA! South Granville has been doing well in the league. Carrboro beat Cedar Ridge on Friday, but Cedar Ridge played well and kept it a close game. Cedar Ridge may actually be tied with Voyager for 6th place.

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